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Introduction: Trust and Hope: An Introduction
Esther Oluffa Pedersen & Sune Liisberg

Dialogue I: Practical Philosophy and Hope as a Moral Project among African-Americans
Cheryl Mattingly & Uffe Juul Jensen

Joint Statement

What Can We Hope For? An Exploration in Cosmopolitan Philosophical Anthropology
Cheryl Mattingly & Uffe Juul Jensen

Dialogue II: Existential Anthropology and the Category of the New
Michael D. Jackson & Thomas Schwarz Wentzer

Joint Statement

The Reopening of the Gate of Effort: Existential Imperatives at the Margins of a Globalized World
Michael D. Jackson

The Eternal Recurrence of the New
Thomas Schwarz Wentzer

Joint Afterword

Dialogue III: Intentional Trust in Uganda
Esther Oluffa Pedersen & Lotte Meinert

Joint Statement

An Outline of Interpersonal Trust and Distrust
Esther Oluffa Pedersen

Tricky Trust: Distrust as a Point of Departure and Trust as a Social Achievement in Uganda
Lotte Meinert

Dialogue IV: Trust, Ambiguity, and Indonesian Modernity
Sune Liisberg & Nils Bubandt

Joint Statement

Trust in an Age of Inauthenticity: Power and Indonesian Modernity
Nils Bubandt

Trust as the Life Magic of Self-Deception: A Philosophical-Psychological Investigation into Tolerance of Ambiguity
Sune Liisberg

Dialogue V: Gift-Giving and Power between Trust and Hope
Sverre Raffnsøe & Hirokazu Miyazaki

Joint Statement

Empowering Trust in the New: Trust and Power as Capacities
Sverre Raffnsøe

Hope in the Gift—Hope in Sleep
Hirokazu Miyazaki

Dialogue VI: With Kierkegaard in Africa
Anders Moe Rasmussen & Hans Lucht

Joint Statement

Self, Hope, and the Unconditional: Kierkegaard on Faith and Hope
Anders Moe Rasmussen

Kierkegaard in West Africa: Hope and Sacrifice in a Ghanaian Fishing Village
Hans Lucht

Epilogue: Anthropology and Philosophy in Dialogue?
Anne Line Dalsgård & Søren Harnow Klausen

Notes on Contributors

Anthropology & Philosophy

Dialogues on Trust and Hope

Edited by Sune Liisberg, Esther Oluffa Pedersen and Anne Line Dalsgård

302 pages, 1 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-556-1 Hb Published (January 2015)

eISBN 978-1-78238-557-8 eBook