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Introduction: Towards an Anthropology of Corporate Social Responsibility
Catherine Dolan and Dinah Rajak

Chapter 1. Theatres of Virtue: Collaboration Consensus and the Social Life of Corporate Social Responsibility
Dinah Rajak

Chapter 2. Virtuous Language in Industry and Academy
Stuart Kirsch

Chapter 3. Re-siting Corporate Responsibility: The Making of South Africa's Avon Entrepreneurs
Catherine Dolan and Mary Johnstone-Louis

Chapter 4. Power, Inequality and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Politics of Ethical Compliance in the South Indian Garment Industry
Geert De Neve

Chapter 5. Detachment as a Corporate Ethic: Materialising CSR in the Diamond Supply Chain
Jamie Cross

Chapter 6. Disconnect Development: Imagining Partnership and Experiencing Detachment in Chevron’s Borderlands
Katy Gardner

Chapter 7. Subcontracting as Corporate Social Responsibility in the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline
José-María Muñoz and Philip Burnham

Chapter 8. Collective Contradictions of Corporate Environmental Conservation
Rebecca Hardin

Chapter 9. Engineering Responsibility: Environmental Mitigation and the Limits of Commensuration in a Chilean Mining Project
Fabiana Li

Chapter 10. Global Concepts in Local Contexts: CSR as ‘Anti-politics Machine’ in the Extractive Sector in Ghana and Peru
Johanna Sydow

Afterword: Big Men and Business: Morality, Debt and the Corporation: A Perspective
Robert J. Foster


The Anthropology of Corporate Social Responsibility

Edited by Catherine Dolan and Dinah Rajak
Afterword by Robert J. Foster

274 pages, 2 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-071-1 Hb Published (March 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-072-8 eBook