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Introduction: Aides Pensee: Tropology and Tropologic, An Introduction
James W. Fernandez

Chapter 1. Don Quixote: Icon of Rhetoric Culture Theory
Ivo Strecker

Chapter 2. A Trope of Time. Twilight Swings across the Central Himalayas
John H. Leavitt

Chapter 3. Dreams Inside-out: Some Uses of Dream in Social Theory and Ethnographic Inquiry
Marko Živković

Chapter 4. On Conversion: A Theory of Ruins
Joseba Zulaika

Chapter 5. Schiffbruch mit Zuschauer—“Witnessing a Shipwreck”: German Figurations in facing the Past to face the Future
Michael Carrithers

Chapter 6. An Apologia for Filthy Lucre
Gustav Peebles

Chapter 7. “Down the Garden Path.” On Path-ologies of Inquiry and of “Progress” in Understanding
James W. Fernandez

Chapter 8.Sí Teanga na Muintire a Shlánós an Mhuintir”: Ó Cadhain, Rhetoric, and Immanence
Steve Coleman

Chapter 9. Parapraxis Today: The US Flag and the Mythopoesis of Self and Other in Post 9/11 New England
Bernard Bate

Chapter 10. Irony's Arrow: Launching Contraria in Chinese Linguaculture
Mary Scoggin

Chapter 11. The Tropes of Music
William O. Beeman

Chapter 12. Tactics For Working Anyway
Dale Pesmen

Chapter 13. Tropes, Frames and Powers
Terence S. Turner

Conclusion: Imaginative Leaps in Rhetoric Culture
Jamin Pelkey and Marko Živković


Tropological Thought and Action

Essays on the Poetics of Imagination

Edited by Marko Živković, Jamin Pelkey and James W. Fernandez

354 pages, 4 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-272-8 Hb Published (January 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-273-5 eBook