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60 Words To Think With

A. Affordance; Agnosia‬; Aporia; Archaeology; Argumentation theory; Autopoiesis; Axonometric projection
B. Bifocal ethnography; Blueprints, scores and maps; Boundary objects
C. Cabling; Catachresis; Chronotopes and chronotypes; Collage/montage; Colligation; Commitment
D. Dialetheism/paraconsistency
E. Ekphrasis;Emic and etic; Epistemography; Epiphanies; Equifinality; Equivocation (controlled equivocation);. Essentially contested concepts; Exaptation;. Exemplars
F. Faithfulness; Figuration; Finitism; meaning finitism; Forbearing and ‘subjective counterfactuals’
H. Hapax; Hesse Nets
I. Incommensurability; Infirming; Instauration; Ironic detachment; Irrealism; Isolarion
L. Life writing
M. Mosaics
N. Non-ergodicity
O. Ostension
P. Palimpsest memory; Partial views and partiality; Pattern language; Paraethnography; Positioning theory; Prosopography
R. Repleteness; Representation/non-representation; Representational force
S. Sgraffiti; Stochastic variation; Synaesthesia
T. Teleoanalysis; Things; Translation (anthropological translation)
V. Vagueness; Vignettes
W. Wicked problems

Coda: So What? A Worked Example of Making Sense of Ethnographic Fragment


An Anthropological Toolkit

Sixty Useful Concepts

David Zeitlyn

150 pages, 5 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-470-8 Hb Published (September 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-471-5 eBook