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Foreword by Hastings Donnan

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Introduction: Memorials as Silent Extras or Scripted Actors?

  • Book Outline

Chapter 1. Collective Memory and the Politics of Memorialisation: a Theoretical Overview

  • Memory in the Social World: Collectiveness versus Individuality
  • The Shaping of Collective Memory: Present versus Past
  • Lieux de Mémoireas Conveyors of Social Memory
  • Politicised Remembering: the Nexus between Memory and Power
    • The Politics of War Memory and Commemoration
  • The Memory Makers and the Projection of Narratives about the Past
  • Methodological Framework
    • Database of Memorials
    • Survey of Local Population
    • Interviews
    • Commemorations

Chapter 2. The Armalite and the Paintbrush: a Brief History of Memorialization of the Troubles in Northern Ireland

  • Commemorating during the Troubles
    • Funerals and Communal Burials
    • Annual Commemorations
  • The Mural Painting Tradition in Northern Ireland
    • The Early Years
    • Armed Struggle and Party-political Murals
    • Post-ceasefire and Peace Process Murals
  • The 1998 Agreement and the ‘Boom’ of Permanent Memorialization
    • Post-Agreement Murals
  • Permanent Memorials
    • Memorials to Paramilitary Combatants
    • Memorials to Civilian Casualties
    • Memorials to Security Forces
    • Memorials in Government Buildings, Party Offices, Workplaces and Churches
    • Commemorative Banners and Memorial Bands
    • Memorial Publications, Commemorative Pamphlets and Oral History Projects
    • Memorial Prizes, Awards and Trophies
  • Post-conflict Commemorations
  • Peace or Cross-community Memorials

Chapter 3. The ‘Landscape of Memorialization’ in Belfast: Spatial and Temporal Reflections

  • ‘New’ Cultural Geography and the Concept of Landscape as ‘Text’
  • Belfast and the Ethnicization of Space
  • The Spatial Dimension of Memorialization
    • Memorials as Territorial Markers
    • Memorials as Aide-Mémoires  
    • Memorials as Sacred Places
  • The Temporal Dimension of Memorialization
    • Memorials: End of the War or Continuation through Different Means?
    • Memorials: still here or never again?
    • Memorials as Identity ‘Crutches’

Chapter 4. The ‘Memory Makers’ and the Projection of Narratives of the Troubles

  • Individual ‘Stories’ versus the Collective ‘History’ of the Troubles: the Power of the Narrative
  • Republican and Loyalist Memorials: the Projection of Opposing Narratives of The Troubles
    • Two Imagined Communities: Creating a Symbolic National Identification
  • Cherry-picking from History: Opposing Versions of a Shared Past
    • Ancestries of Resistance: Manufacturing Genealogies
    • Forgetting to Remember: Social Amnesia and Euphemization
    • Delegitimizing the Enemy: Demonization and Stigmatization
  • Talkative Dead Bodies: the Politics of Commemorations

Chapter 5. The Clonard Martyrs Memorial Garden: Constructing a Dominant Republican Narrative

  • The 1998 Agreement and the Prisoners’ ‘Issue’: the Formation of Ex-prisoners’ Groups
    • The Greater Clonard Ex-Prisoners’ Association
  • Enlisting the ‘Unsung Heroes’ in the Republican Narrative: Local History and Memorial Projects
  • The Clonard Martyrs Memorial GardeN
    • Planning Permission and Relationship with Local Authorities
    • Funding, Building Materials and Manpower
  • Construction of a Successful Dominant Narrative: Iconography, Language and Historical Selection
  • Perpetuating Collective Memory: Periodic cCommemorations in Clonard          

Chapter 6. The IRSP/INLA Teach Na Fáilte Memorial Committee: Constructing a Sectional Republican Narrative

  • The IRSP/INLA Teach Na Fáilte Memorial Committee
  • Reclaiming a Place in History for the INLA: the 1981 Hunger Strike
  • Advancing a Sectional Narrative of the Troubles: the Belfast Teach Na Fáilte’s Memorial Programme
    • Unveiling ceremonies
  • Provisional Republican and Republican Socialist Commemorations
  • Opposing the Dominant Republican Narrative: Post-1998 Republican Socialist Rhetoric

Chapter 7. The 1913 UVF and the Myth of the Somme: Constructing a Loyalist ‘Golden Age’

  • ‘Lest We Forget’: Loyalist Landscape of Memorialization
  • ‘From the Battlefields of the Somme to the Barricades of the Shankill’: Borrowing Legitimacy
    • Mainstream Unionism, Republicanism and the Modern UVF Narrative
  • Disraeli Street: an Iconic Cluster of Memory
    • Loyalist Commemorations in Memory of Paramilitary Casualties
  • Changing with the History Tune: the Evolution of the UVF Narrative          

Chapter 8. The UDA Sandy Row Memorial Garden: Attempting a Narrative of Symbolic Accretion

  • ‘You Are now Entering Loyalist Sandy Row’
  • Tiptoeing through History in Search of Illustrious ‘Forefathers’
  • The Sandy Row Memorial Garden: Attempting to Appropriate the Myth of the Somme
    • Lay Out and Iconography
  • Role of Families in the Memorial Process
  • Remembrance Day
  • ‘What the World Needs now Is Love, Sweet love’: 2007 UDA Remembrance Sunday
  • ‘Awakening the Sleeping Giant’: Macro and Micropolitics at Commemorations

Chapter 9. Dissecting Consensus: Memory Receivers and the Narrative’s ‘Hidden Transcript’

  • Paramilitary Groups and Local Communities: a Complex Relationship
  • Coexisting in Ambivalence: Memorials and Local Residents
    • Consultation and ‘Ownership’
    • Cohabiting the Same Space
  • Reasons behind Memorialization
    • Social Memory
    • Territorialization
    • Historical Change
    • Politico-ideological Exercise

Chapter 10. The Memory of the Dead: Seeking Common Ground?

  • At Last, a Common Ground in Northern Ireland?         

Appendix A: List of Memorials
Appendix B: Emblems and Flags


Talking Stones

The Politics of Memorialization in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland

Elisabetta Viggiani
Foreword by Hastings Donnan

288 pages, 20 illus., 11 tables, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-407-6 Hb Published (August 2014)

ISBN  978-1-78533-341-5 Pb Published (September 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78238-408-3 eBook