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Introduction: Deservingness: Reassessing the Moral Dimensions of Inequality
Andreas Streinzer and Jelena Tošić

Part I: Deservingness – Genealogies, Struggles and Ideologies

Chapter 1. Caring for the Old and Letting Them Die: A Political Economy of Human Worth
Susana Narotzky

Chapter 2. Must the Tired and Poor ´Stand on Their Own Two Feet`? Tools for Analyzing How Migrants’ Deservingness is Reckoned
Sarah S. Willen and Jennifer Cook

Chapter 3. Deserving Classes without Class: Explaining the Neo-Nationalist Ascendency
Don Kalb

Chapter 4. A Methodological, Reflexive and Comparative Approach to Deservingness
Erik Bähre

Part II: Categories, Policies and Negotiations of Deservingness

Chapter 5. Hartz IV. Affective and Sensual Registers of Moral Inferiority
Stefan Wellgraf

Chapter 6. Unemployment, Deservingness and Ideological Apparatuses: A Case Study from Turin, Italy
Carlo Capello

Chapter 7. The Politics of Austerity Welfare: Charity, Discourses of Deservingness and Human Needs in a Portuguese Church Parish
Patricia Matos

Chapter 8. ‘Here, Morality is a Sense of Entitlement’: Citizenship, Deservingness, and Inequality in Suburban America
Elisa Lanari

Part III: The (Un)Deserving Migrant/Refugee

Chapter 9. Ambivalences of (Un)Deservingness: Tracing Vulnerability in the EU Border Regime
Sabine Strasser

Chapter 10. The Politics of Deservingness among Resettled Bhutanese Refugees
Nicole Hoellerer

Chapter 11. Suffering and Vulnerability Reconfigured. Refugee Images of Hungarian Migrants Working in Refugee Accommodation Institutions in Germany
Ildikó Zakariás and Margit Feischmidt

Part IV: Debt Relations – State, Market Actors and Debtors

Chapter 12. Do Mortgagors in Hardship Deserve Debt Relief? Legitimizing and Challenging Inequality during the Spanish Home Repossessions Crisis
Irene Sabaté

Chapter 13. Households on Trial: Over-Indebtedness, State and Moral Struggles in Greece
Theodora Vetta

Chapter 14. Victims, Patriots and Middle Class: The (Un)Deservingness of Debtors in Post–Credit Boom Croatia
Marek Mikuš

Afterword: Differentiating Deservingness
James G. Carrier


Ethnographies of Deservingness

Unpacking Ideologies of Distribution and Inequality

Edited by Jelena Tošić and Andreas Streinzer

Afterword by James G. Carrier

436 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-599-6 Hb Published (August 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-600-9 eBook