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Introduction: Is Female to Male as NGO Is to State?
Andria D. Timmer, Christopher Loy, and Elizabeth Wirtz

Part I: Patterns of Reproduction: NGO and State Relations Through a Gendered Lens

Chapter 1. NGOs and States of Aging: NGO as Male/Culture Advocates and as Female/Nature Caregivers
Alexandra Crampton

Chapter 2. Surviving the State: Strategic Essentialism and the Complexities of Indigeneity Among the Ainu of Northern Japan
Christopher Loy

Chapter 3. From “Warm and Fuzzy” to “Business Oriented” Practices:” The Politics of Exclusion and Masculinization of Alternative Justice in the United States
Amanda J. Reinke

Part II: Care Work as Feminized Work

Chapter 4. From Stranger to Neighbor: Women’s Voluntarism as Feminist Caring Politics Against Australia's Hostile Borders
Tess Altman

Chapter 5. Rural Women’s Self-determination and Grassroots Resistance Movement: Reclaiming Land and Traditional Livelihoods in Odisha
Smita Mishra Panda and Annapurna Devi Pandey

Chapter 6. Neglectful Fathers and Mothers who Mean Well: Love and Hate of Hungarian Roma “Children”
Andria D. Timmer

Chapter 7. En/gendering Aixin: Philanthropy and Gendered Practice of Compassion in Post-socialist China
Yang Zhan

Part III: Beyond the Binary: Intersectionality and Queer Spaces in NGOs

Chapter 8. “Little Dear Mothers:” Governing the “Republic of NGOs”
Mark Schuller

Chapter 9. Identity and the Construction of Trans Citizenship in Guatemala
Alejandra Wundram Pimentel

Chapter 10. To Foresee the Unforeseeable: LGBT and Feminist Civil Society and the Question of Feminine Desire
Tamar Shirinian

Conclusion: Queering the NGO/State Binary: On Governing Stateless Peoples
Elizabeth Wirtz


Gender, Power, and Non-Governance

Is Female to Male as NGO Is to State?

Edited by Andria D. Timmer and Elizabeth Wirtz

298 pages, 8 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-460-9 Hb Published (May 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-461-6 eBook