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František Šístek

Chapter 1. The ‘Turkish Threat’ and Early Modern Central Europe: Czech Reflections
Ladislav Hladký and Petr Stehlík

Chapter 2. The Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina between Millet and Nation
Božidar Jezernik

Chapter 3. Ambivalent Perceptions: Austria-Hungary, Bosnian Muslims and the Occupation Campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1878)
Martin Gabriel

Chapter 4. Sleeping Beauty’s Awakening: Habsburg Colonialism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1878–1918
Clemens Ruthner

Chapter 5. The Portrayal of Muslims in Austrian-Hungarian State Primary School Textbooks for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Oliver Pejić

Chapter 6. Towards Secularity: Autonomy and Modernization of Bosnian Islamic Institutions under Austro-Hungarian Administration
Zora Hesová

Chapter 7. Under the Slavic Crescent: Representations of Bosnian Muslims in Czech Literature, Travelogues and Memoirs, 1878–1918
František Šístek

Chapter 8. Divided Identities in the Bosnian Narratives of Vjenceslav Novak and Rebecca West
Charles Sabatos

Chapter 9. Austronostalgia and Bosnian Muslims in the Work of Croatian Anthropologist Vera Stein Erlich
Bojan Baskar

Chapter 10. The Serbian Proverb Poturica gori od Turčina (A Turk-Convert is Worse Than a Turk): Stigmatizer and Figure of Speech
Marija Mandić

Chapter 11. From Brothers to Others? Changing Images of Bosnian Muslims in (Post-)Yugoslav Slovenia
Alenka Bartulović

Chapter 12. Exploring Religious Views among Young People of Bosnian Muslim Origin in Berlin
Aldina Čemernica

Chapter 13. The West, the Balkans and the In-Between: Bosnian Muslims Representing a European Islam
Merima Šehagić

František Šístek


Imagining Bosnian Muslims in Central Europe

Representations, Transfers and Exchanges

Edited by František Šístek

302 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-774-3 Hb Published (January 2021)

eISBN 978-1-78920-775-0 eBook