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Introduction: Introducing the Anthroposcene of Weather and Climate
Paul Sillitoe

Part I: Local Weather Knowledge

Chapter 1. There’s Something in the Air – But What? On Amazon People’s Perception of Atmospheric Phenomena
Dan Rosengren

Chapter 2. Climate Change, Weather and Perception: Fishing in Eastern Patagonia
Francesca Marin

Part II: Adaptation Challenges

Chapter 3. Indigenous Responses to Climate Change in Extreme Environments: The Cases of the Q’eros (Peruvian Andes) and the Gwich’in (Alaska)
Nastassja Martin and Geremia Cometti

Chapter 4. Fornicating Frogs: Local Knowledge of Climate Change in Bangladesh?
Paul Sillitoe and Mahbub Alam

Appendix: Climate Change Questionnaire

Chapter 5. Weather, Agency and Values at Work in a Glacier Ski Resort in Austria
Herta Nöbauer

Chapter 6. The Moral Climate of Melting Glaciers: Andean Claims for Justice at the Paris Climate Change Summit
Noah Walker-Crawford

Part III: Flows of Knowledge

Chapter 7. Making Sense of Climate Science: From Climate Knowledge to Decision-Making
Maria Ines Carabajal and Cecilia Hidalgo

Chapter 8. Practicing Anthropology by Providing Climate Services for Farmers: The Case of Science Field Shops in Indonesia
Yunita T. Winarto

Chapter 9. Nepal's Climate-Change Cultural World
Pasang Yangjee Sherpa

Part IV: Climate Politics

Chapter 10. Down to Air. Palestinian Memories and Practices of Weather Relatedness
Mauro Van Aken

Chapter 11. Imagining Nations and Producing Climate-Change Knowledge in Brazil
André S. Bailão

Chapter 12. Embanking the Sundarbans: The Obfuscating Discourse of Climate Change
Camelia Dewan

David Shankland


The Anthroposcene of Weather and Climate

Ethnographic Contributions to the Climate Change Debate

Edited by Paul Sillitoe

Afterword by David Shankland

354 pages, 43 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-231-5 Hb Published (October 2021)

This title is published as Open Access

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