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Jeanne Shea, Katrina Moore, and Hong Zhang

Part I: Aging and Caregiving in Chinese Contexts

Chapter 1. Old-Age Support in Rural China: Case Study of the Jiangxiang Model for Community-Based Filial Piety
Youcai Tang and Jeanne Shea

Chapter 2. Meanings of Spousal Eldercare in Life and Death in China
Jeanne Shea

Chapter 3. “Too Busy to Do Anything Else”: How Caregiving and Urban Sojourning Impact the Aging Experience of China’s Migrant Grandparents
Min Zhang

Chapter 4. Population Aging and Care of the Elderly in Hong Kong
Michelle Shum and Terry Lum

Chapter 5. Teach Me to Be Filial: Intergenerational Care in Singapore Families
Leng Leng Thang and Kalyani Mehta

Chapter 6. Constructing Networks of Elder Care across Borders: The Experiences of Taiwanese Immigrants in the US and Their Parents in the Homeland
Ken Chih-Yan Sun

Part II: Aging and Caregiving in Japanese Contexts

Chapter 7. Who Cares for the Elders? Aging, Independence, and Interdependence in Contemporary Japan
Katrina Moore

Chapter 8. “Son, I’ve Already Become a Mummy”: The Sociocultural Contexts of Missing Centenarians in Super-Aging Japan
Heekyoung Kim

Chapter 9. Rethinking Burden: Japanese Elder Care Careers from Helping to Grieving
Susan Long and Ruth Campbell

Part III: Aging and Caregiving in Korean Contexts

Chapter 10. “Without Feeling Guilty”: Filial Piety and Eldercare in Twenty-First-Century Korea:
Hyun Ji Lee and Kyong Hee Chee

Chapter 11. The Dynamics of Care in the Context of Limited Repatriation of Sakhalin Korean Elderly
Dorota Szawarska

Chapter 12. Expansion of End-of-Life Care Services in South Korea: A Qualitative Analysis of the Experiences of Family Caregivers and Hospice Staff
Sooyoun Han and Jeanne Shea

Conclusion: Contemporary Trends in and Future Directions for Aging and Caregiving in East Asian Societies
Jeanne Shea, Katrina Moore, and Hong Zhang

Appendix I: Historical Trends Noted in Ikels's Volume (2004) and This Volume
Appendix II: Topical/Thematic Coverage in Ikels's Volume (2004) and This Volume


Beyond Filial Piety

Rethinking Aging and Caregiving in Contemporary East Asian Societies

Edited by Jeanne Shea, Katrina Moore and Hong Zhang

432 pages, 20 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-788-0 Hb Published (July 2020)

eISBN 978-1-78920-789-7 eBook