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Note on Transliteration and Translation


Introduction: “A Sufi is Someone Who Breathes Well” The Ways of the Breathing Hearts

Chapter 1. The Unseen Neighbors and a Dual Apprentice: Silsila, or Drawing the Lines of Transmitting Breath
Chapter 2. “Why Do I Suffer and What Should I Do?” The Desire Lines of Sufi Breathing-Becoming
Chapter 3. Techniques of Transformation: Subtle-Material Bodies in Dhikr and other (Breathing) Practices
Chapter 4. “There Must be Something Else” The In-between World of Healing Secular and Religious Suffering
Chapter 5. Participation in the Real: The Healing Power of Breath, Words, and Things
Chapter 6. “The Right-Wing Attacks Our Mosques and Our Muslim Brothers Do Not Consider Us to Be Real Muslims!” the (Anti-)Politics of Breathing Hearts

Conclusion: Lessons from the Breathing Wayfaring Hearts

Epilogue: Sufi Breathing in the Pandemic Ruins of (Anti-Muslim) Racism


Breathing Hearts

Sufism, Healing, and Anti-Muslim Racism in Germany

Nasima Selim

268 pages, 16 ills., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80539-198-2 Hb Published (January 2024)

This title is published as Open Access

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