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Introduction: Places of Partial Protection: Refugee Shelter since 2015
Tom Scott-Smith

Part I: Shelter, Containment and Mobility

Chapter 1. Moving, Containing, Displacing: The Shipping Container as Refugee Shelter
Hanna Baumann

Chapter 2. At the Edge: Containment and the Construction of Europe
Cetta Mainwaring

Chapter 3. Shifting Shelters: Migrants, Mobility and the Making of Open Centres in Malta
Marthe Achtnich

Chapter 4. Moria: Anti-shelter and the Spectacle of Deterrence
Daniel Howden

Chapter 5. Moria Hotspot: Shelter as a Politically Crafted Materiality of Neglect
Polly Pallister-Wilkins

Chapter 6. Architectures of Trauma: Forced Shelter and the Impact of Immigration Detention
Petra Molnar

Chapter 7. Settling the Unsettled: Forced Shelter in the Negev Desert
Renana Ne’eman

Part II: Shelter, Resistance and Solidarity

Chapter 8. The Contingent Camp: Struggling for Shelter in Calais, France
Maria Hagan

Chapter 9. Sounding the Shelter, Voicing the Squat: The Sonic Politics of Refugee Shelter in Athens
Tom Western

Chapter 10. Redignifying Refugees: A Critical Study of Citizen-Run Shelters in Athens
Ashley Mehra

Chapter 11. A More Personal Shelter: How Citizens Are Hosting Forced Migrants in and Around Brussels
Robin Vandevoordt

Chapter 12. Life in the Aluminium Whale: A Study of Berlin’s ICC shelter
Holly Young

Chapter 13. Structures to Shelter the Mind: Refugee Housing and Mental Wellbeing in Berlin
Esther Schroeder Goh

Part III: Architecture, Design and Displacement

Chapter 14. Protection or isolation? Humanitarian Evacuees in Australian Quarantine Stations
Benjamin Thomas White

Chapter 15. Silos in Trieste: A Historical Shelter for Displaced People
Roberta Altin

Chapter 16. Flexible Shelters, Modular Meanings: The Lives and Afterlives of Danish ‘Refugee Villages’
Zachary Whyte and Michael Ulfstjerne

Chapter 17. Shelter as Cladding: Resourcefulness, Improvisation and Refugee-Led Innovation in Goudoubo Camp
Craig Martin, Jamie Cross, and Arno Verhoeven

Chapter 18. Adhocism, Agency and Emergency Shelters: On Architectural Nuclei of Life in Displacement
Irit Katz

Chapter 19. Social Media, Shelter and Resilience: Design in Za’atari Refugee Camp
Diane Fellows

Chapter 20. Confinement, Power and Permanence in Informal Refugee Spaces: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Faten Kikano

Chapter 21. From Emergency Shelter to Community Shelter: Berlin’s Tempelhof Refugee Camp
Toby Parsloe

Conclusion: Towards Better Shelter: Rethinking Humanitarian Sheltering
Mark E. Breeze


Structures of Protection?

Rethinking Refugee Shelter

Edited by Tom Scott-Smith and Mark E. Breeze

320 pages, 21 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-712-5 Hb Published (May 2020)

eISBN 978-1-78920-713-2 eBook