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Lidia Dina Sciama

Chapter 1. The Origins of Comic Performance in Adult-Child Interaction
Ian Wilkie and Matthew Saxton

Chapter 2. Learning from the Ludic: Anthropological Fieldwork
Judith Okely

Chapter 3. Humour as a Form of Cognition
Elisabeth Hsu

Chapter 4. Comic Strips and the Making of American Identity
Ian Rakoff

Chapter 5. Jokes without Frontiers, War without Tears: Humour, Stress and Power in an Anglo-German Bank Branch
Fiona Moore

Chapter 6. Laughing at the Future: Cross-Cultural Science Fiction Films
Dolores Martinez

Chapter 7. The English Pantomime: Toying with History, Playing with Gender, Laughing at Today
Shirley Ardener

Chapter 8. The Function of Satire in Italian Popular Song
Glauco Sanga

Chapter 9. Laughing at the Past among Venetian Islanders: Carlo Goldoni’s Scuffles in Chioggia
Lidia Dina Sciama

Humour, Comedy and Laughter

Obscenities, Paradoxes, Insights and the Renewal of Life

Edited by Lidia Dina Sciama

220 pages, 20 illus., 2 tables, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-0-85745-074-6 Hb Published (April 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78238-543-1 eBook