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Introduction: The Durkheim School’s “Category Project”: A Collaborative Experiment Unfolds
Johannes F.M. Schick, Mario Schmidt, and Martin Zillinger

Part I: Silenced Influences and Hidden Texts
Chapter 1. Kantian Categories and the Relativist Turn: A Comparison of Three Routes
Gregory Schrempp

Chapter 2. Hidden Durkheim and Hidden Mauss: An Empirical Rereading of the Hidden Analogical Work Made Necessary by the Creation of a New Science
Nicolas Sembel

Chapter 3. Mana in Context: From Max Müller to Marcel Mauss
Nicolas Meylan

Chapter 4. Durkheim, the Question of the Categories and the Concept of Labor
Susan Stedman Jones

Chapter 5. Inequality Is a Scientific Issue When the Technologies of Practice That Create Social Categories Become Dependent on Justice in Modernity
Anne Warfield Rawls

Chapter 6. Experimenting with Social Matter: Claude Bernard’s Influence on the Durkheim School’s Understanding of Categories
Mario Schmidt

Part II: Lateral Links and Ambivalent Antagonists
Chapter 7. Freedom, Food, and the Total Social Fact. Some Terminological Details of the Category Project in “Le Don” by Marcel Mauss
Erhard Schüttpelz

Chapter 8. Durkheimian Thinking and the Category of Totality
Nick J. Allen

Chapter 9. Durkheimian Creative Effervescence, Bergson and the Ethology of Animal and Human Societies
William Watts Miller

Chapter 10. “It is not my time that is thus arranged…”: Bergson, the ‘Category Project’, and the Structuralist Turn
Heike Delitz

Chapter 11. “Let Us Dare a Little Bit of Metaphysics”: Marcel Mauss, Henri Hubert and Louis Weber on Causality, Time, and Technology
Johannes F. M. Schick

Part III: Forgotten Allies and Secret Students
Chapter 12. The Rhythm of Space: Stefan Czarnowski’s Relational Theory of the Sacred
Martin Zillinger

Chapter 13. La Pensée Catégorique: Marcel Granet’s Grand Sinological Project at the Heart of the “L‘Année Sociologique” Tradition
Robert André LaFleur

Chapter 14. Drawing a Line: On Hertz’ Hands
Ulrich van Loyen

Chapter 15. Between Claude Lévi-Strauss, Pierre Bourdieu and Michel Foucault, or: What Is the Meaning of Mauss’ “Total Social Fact”?
Jean-François Bert

Chapter 16. From Durkheim to Halbwachs: Rebuilding the Theory of Collective Representations
Jean-Christoph Marcel

Chapter 17. Durkheim’s Quest: Philosophy beyond the Classroom and the Libraries
Wendy James


The Social Origins of Thought

Durkheim, Mauss, and the Category Project

Edited by Johannes F. M. Schick, Mario Schmidt, and Martin Zillinger

332 pages,

ISBN  978-1-80073-233-9 Hb Published (March 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-234-6 eBook