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Nina Sahraoui

Part I: Borders Spring into Healthcare: Re-configuring Access, Structures and Care Provision Itself

Chapter 1. National and International Approaches to the Right to Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants
Danielle da Costa Leite Borges and Caterina Francesca Guidi

Chapter 2. Tinkering Care at the Border: When Calais’s Public Hospital Is Challenged by Migratory Policies
Majorie Gerbier-Aublanc

Chapter 3. Tensions between Restrictive Migratory Policies and an Inclusive Prevention Programme: An Ethnography of a Biomedical HIV Prevention Programme among Sub-Saharan Africa Immigrants in the Paris Area
     Appendix: PrEP - Definition, Terms of Use and Access
Séverine Carillon and Anne Gosselin

Chapter 4. The Positive Othering of Young Muslim Male ‘Refugees’ as Ideal Elderly Care Workers in the German Media Discourse
Caterina Rohde-Abuba

Part II: Understanding the Grey Zone between Legislation and Admission Practices: (Un)Deservingness in Action

Chapter 5. Belonging to Everyone, for the Use of Everyone? Ethnography of (a) Struggle for Healthcare in Spain
Marta Pérez, Irene Rodríguez-Newey and Nicolas Petel-Rochette

Chapter 6. Humanitarian Exceptions in Hostile Environments: Institutional Tensions and Everyday Healthcare Practices for Migrants with Irregular Status in Italy
Roberta Perna

Chapter 7. The Local Construction of Vulnerability: A Comparison between Two Associations in Paris and in Rome
Cécilia Santilli

Chapter 8. Introducing Gender into the Theorization of Health-related (Un)Deservingness: Ethnographic Insights from Athens and Melilla
Cynthia Malakasis and Nina Sahraoui

Chapter 9. Moral Economy of Exclusion: Cases of the Childbirth on the Margins of Regularity in the EU
Olena Fedyuk

Nina Sahraoui


Borders across Healthcare

Moral Economies of Healthcare and Migration in Europe

Edited by Nina Sahraoui

232 pages, 4 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-741-5 Hb Published (June 2020)

This title is published as Open Access

Full Text PDF | Full Text ePUB Made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license with support from the European Commission Horizon 2020 - ERC Starting Grant N. 638259 EU Border Care [2015-2021].