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Keith Hart

Introduction. Land, Finance, Technology: Perspectives on Mortgage Lending
Daivi Rodima-Taylor


Chapter 1. The Glittering Mortgage, the Vanishing Farm: Enticement, Entrustment, Entrapment
Parker Shipton

Chapter 2. A Brief Legal and Social History of Mortgage
David J. Seipp

Chapter 3. Land Tenure: From Fiscal Origins to Financialization
Michael Hudson

Part II: Mortgage as Cultural Export: Land, Family, and the State

Chapter 4. Inheriting Debt: Legal Pluralism, Family Politics, and the Meaning of Wealth in Ghana
Sara Berry

Chapter 5. Tales of Mortgage, Risk, and Taxation in Rural Senegal
Kristine Juul

Chapter 6. Signs of Trouble: Land, Loans, and Investments in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda
Mette Lind Kusk and Lotte Meinert

Part III: Old Rules and New Twists:  Reinventing and Resisting Land Financialization

Chapter 7. Reinventing Land Mortgage in Post-Socialist Europe: The Romanian Case
Stefan Dorondel, Daivi Rodima-Taylor and Marioara Rusu

Chapter 8. Distressed Publics: Circumventing the Mortgage from South Africa to Ireland
Nate Coben and Melissa K. Wrapp

Chapter 9. Governing the Old City: Land Records, Digitization, and Liquidity in Lahore
Tariq Rahman

Part IV: Coming Full Circle: Hopes, Ideologies, and Life on the Ground

Chapter 10. Mortgage Credit as an Instrument of Economic Growth in Colonial Massachusetts, 1642-1777
Winifred B. Rothenberg

Chapter 11. When Land Takes Wing: The Concentration of Holdings and the Human-Animal Dimension
Parker Shipton

Conclusion: Envoi
Parker Shipton


Land and the Mortgage

History, Culture, Belonging

Edited by Daivi Rodima-Taylor and Parker Shipton

Foreword by Keith Hart

324 pages, 19 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-348-0 Hb Published (February 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-349-7 eBook