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Notes on Transliteration
Family Tree
Map of Central and Inner Asia Today


Part I: First Introductions

Chapter 1. Beginnings
Chapter 2. Relations
Chapter 3. Ölgii Town
Chapter 4. Drive to Soghakh
Chapter 5. First Days with the Family
Chapter 6. Two Horsemen
Chapter 7. Nighttime and Morning Rituals

Part II: Transitions

Chapter 8. The Young Accountant
Chapter 9. The Letter
Chapter 10. The First House in the First Street
Chapter 11. Thinking about the Past
Chapter 12. The Age of the Market
Chapter 13. Thick as Cream
Chapter 14. Saving Graces

Part III: Decisions

Chapter 15. Living Arrangements
Chapter 16. The People Who Move
Chapter 17. The Winter Slaughter
Chapter 18. Silver Flower
Chapter 19. French Extraordinaires
Chapter 20. Daughters-in-Law
Chapter 21. The Young Uncle

Part IV: Into the Past

Chapter 22. The Shamans Son
Chapter 23. The Closure of the Steppe
Chapter 24. The Mongols of the West
Chapter 25. New Years Eve
Chapter 26. Kazakhs and Western Mongols
Chapter 27. Night-time Walk
Chapter 28. Cossack Warriors and Settler Pioneers
Chapter 29. A People Frozen in Time
Chapter 30. Four Brothers

Part V: New Futures

Chapter 31. Across the Border
Chapter 32. A Scar Necklace
Chapter 33. A New Homeland
Chapter 34. Family Ties
Chapter 35. Kazakh Rebel Fighters of the Altai
Chapter 36. One Hundred Percent Kazakh
Chapter 37. The Red Terror
Chapter 38. Kurban Ait
Chapter 39. Mongolia’s Rich Cradle

Part VI: Broken Ties

Chapter 40. Stuck
Chapter 41.The Strong-Willed Girl
Chapter 42. Dimpled Bakhytbek
Chapter 43. A Short Break
Chapter 44. Broken Crown
Chapter 45. The Visitor
Chapter 46. Journey to Kazakhstan

Part VII: New Worlds, Old Ties

Chapter 47. Two Worlds
Chapter 48. Brave New World
Chapter 49. A First Wedding
Chapter 50. Elnaras Journey
Chapter 51. An Autumn Wedding

Conclusion: A Magpies Tale


A Magpie’s Tale

Ethnographic and Historical Perspectives on the Kazakh of Western Mongolia

Anna Odland Portisch

282 pages, 20 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-796-9 Hb Published (January 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80073-781-5 eBook