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Introduction: After Society
João Pina-Cabral and Glenn Bowman

Part I: The Oxford Experience and Beyond

Chapter 1. Plodding Towards Prosopography: Oxford Anthropology from 1976 on
Jeremy MacClancy

Chapter 2. Amor Fati and the Institute of Social Anthropology
Glenn Bowman

Chapter 3. The Lucky Anthropologist? Becoming an Anthropologist of Japan in Oxford
Dolores P. Martinez

Chapter 4. Lost and Found in Oxford
Roger Just

Chapter 5. Is Necessity the Mother of Invention?
A. David Napier

Part II: Ethnography as a Vocation

Chapter 6. Changing Questions? Reflections on Anthropology in and out of Oxford since the 1980s
David N. Gellner

Chapter 7. The Fieldwork Tradition and the Quest for Essential Perplexities
Signe Howell

Chapter 8. Journeys of an Ethnographer: From Oxford to the Field and on to the Archives
Sandra Ott

Part III: Why Anthropology? Concluding Remarks

Chapter 9. Why Anthropology? Structuralism and Since
Timothy Jenkins

Chapter 10. From Oxford to Cambridge: Chasing the ‘Aka’
Maryon McDonald

Chapter 11. Mediterranean Equivoques at Oxford
João Pina-Cabral


After Society

Anthropological Trajectories out of Oxford

Edited by João Pina-Cabral and Glenn Bowman

232 pages, 1 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-768-2 Hb Published (July 2020)

eISBN 978-1-78920-769-9 eBook