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Introduction: Embodied Epistemologies of Healing
Emily Pierini, Alberto Groisman and Diana Espírito Santo

Part I: Paradoxes and Dilemmas

Chapter 1. Playing with Other Worlds: renegotiating bodily experience and hierarchy in Afro-Brazilian Candomblé
Giovanna Capponi

Chapter 2. Embodied Knowledge and the Phenomenological Posture to Frame the Anthropology of “Extraordinary” Experiences
Géraldine Mossière

Chapter 3. Living with Spirits: Spirituality and Health in São Paulo, Brazil
Bettina E. Schmidt

Part II: Transitions and Transformations

Chapter 4. The Ghosts that Haunt Me: Feeling with Affective Technologies and Doing Ethnography about Spirit Possession in Contemporary Japan
Andrea De Antoni

Chapter 5. “Try Feeding the Ghost More”: An Illness Experience and Understanding the Unseen in a Tamang Village in Nepal
Paula Bronson

Chapter 6. Encountering Other Worlds through “Transreligiosity”: A Comparative Account of Healing, Embodiment and Transformation in the Field
Eugenia Roussou and Anastasios Panagiotopoulos

Chapter 7. Learning to Trance: The Affective Grounding of Becoming Another Body in Another Place
Tamara Dee Turner

Part III: Engagements

Chapter 8. Ways of Knowing and Healing: Mediumistic and Ethnographic Epiphanies in the Vale do Amanhecer
Emily Pierini

Chapter 9. Learning to Read the World: Education of Attention and Parapsychic Perception of the Environment
Gustavo Ruiz Chiesa

Chapter 10. Sensory Ethnography and Anthropology of Mediumship: Exploring Brazilian Spiritist Practices in (Mental) Well-Being and Health/Care
Helmar Kurz

Chapter 11. Channelling an Archangel: An Apprenticeship in Metatronic Life and Healing
Fiona Bowie

Epilogue: Healing, Images, and Trust
Roger Canals


Other Worlds, Other Bodies

Embodied Epistemologies and Ethnographies of Healing

Edited by Emily Pierini, Alberto Groisman, and Diana Espírito Santo

Epilogue by Roger Canals

293 pages, 4 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-846-1 Hb Published (February 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80073-847-8 eBook