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Introduction: House/Keeping
Sasha Newell

Part I: Food Storage and Family Values

Chapter 1. Food Storage and the Making of Potato Kin in Andean Houses
Olivia AngeĢ

Chapter 2. Making Space for Onions: Material Production and Social Reproduction in Rural India
Tanya Matthan

Part II: Domestic Accumulation and Disorder

Chapter 3. The “Stuffing” of Kinship: Containing Clutter and Expanding Relatedness in U.S. Homes
Sasha Newell

Chapter 4. Topoanalysis: Hoarding, Memory, and the Materialization of Kinship
Katie Kilroy-Marac

Chapter 5. Locating Hoarding: How Spatial Concepts Shape Disorders in Japan and the Anglophone World
Fabio Gygi

Part III: Decluttering and Minimalist Aesthetics

Chapter 6. Decluttering the House, Purify Yourself: Women Discarding Objects andSpiritualizing Everyday Lifein Buenos Aires (Argentina)
María Florencia BlancoEsmoris

Chapter 7. The American Garage Sale: Liberating Space and Creating Kin
Gretchen M. Herrmann

Chapter 8. Minimalist Mortality: Decluttering as a Practice of Death Acceptance
Hannah Gould

Part IV: Holding on to Rubbish: Trash and Transmutation

Chapter 9. “It’s Not Waste, It’s Diamonds!”: Recovery Practices and Public Waste Management in Garoua and Maroua (Cameroon)
Émilie Guitard

Chapter 10. Where Would We be Without Rubbish?
Michael Thompson

Conclusion: The Shape of Things to Come
Daniel Miller


Of Hoarding and Housekeeping

Material Kinship and Domestic Space in Anthropological Perspective

Edited by Sasha Newell

288 pages, 16 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80539-092-3 Hb Published (October 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80539-385-6 eBook