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Introduction: Cutting and Connecting: ‘Afrinesian’ Perspectives on Networks, Relationality, and Exchange
Knut Christian Myhre

Chapter 1. Kuru, AIDS, and Witchcraft: Reconfiguring Culpability in Melanesia and Africa
Isak Niehaus

Chapter 2. Law, Opacity, and Information in Urban Gambia
Niklas Hultin

Chapter 3. From Cutting to Fading: A Relational Perspective on Marriage Exchange and Sociality in Rural Gambia
Tone Sommerfelt

Chapter 4. Gathering up Mutual Help: Work, Personhood, and Relational Freedoms in Tanzania and Melanesia
Daivi Rodima-Taylor

Chapter 5. Rethinking Ethnographic Comparison: Persons and Networks in Africa and Melanesia
Richard Vokes

Chapter 6. Membering and Dismembering: The Poetry and Relationality of Animal Bodies in Kilimanjaro
Knut Christian Myhre

Chapter 7. The Place of Theory: Rights, Networks, and Ethnographic Comparison
Harri Englund and Thomas Yarrow

Adam Reed


Cutting and Connecting

'Afrinesian' Perspectives on Networks, Relationality, and Exchange

Edited by Knut Christian Myhre
Afterword by Adam Reed

162 pages, 1 illus., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-263-0 Pb Published (March 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-264-7 eBook