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Introduction: Weary Warriors Walk Among Us: Combat, Knowledge Circulation, and Naming Traumatized Soldiers

Chapter 1. Ravished Minds and Ill Bodies: Power, Embodiment, Dispositifs
Chapter 2. Unsettling Notions: War Neuroses, Soldiering, and Broken Embodiments

Chapter 3. Classifying Bodies through Diagnosis: Knowledges, Locations, and Categorical Enclosures
Chapter 4. Managing Illness through Power: Regulation, Resistance and Truth Games
Chapter 5. Cultural Accounts of the Soldier as Subject: Folds, Disclosures and Enactments
Chapter 6. Fixing Soldiers: The Treatment of Bodies, Minds, and Souls
Chapter 7. The Soldier in Context: Psychiatric Practices, Military Imperatives, and Masculine Ideals
Chapter 8. Soldiering On: Care of Self, Status Passages, and Citizenship Claims
Chapter 9. Military Bodies and Battles Multiple: Embodied Trauma, Ontological Politics, and Patchwork Warriors


Weary Warriors

Power, Knowledge, and the Invisible Wounds of Soldiers

Pamela Moss and Michael J. Prince

286 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-346-8 Hb Published (June 2014)

This title is published as Open Access

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