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Albert Bates



Chapter 1. Crisis of identity: Aboriginal politics, the media and the law

  • The Brewarrina riot: a summary
  • The media riot
  • The trial riot
  • Royal Commission and Indigenising crime

Chapter 2. Neoliberalism and Indigenous rights in New South Wales

  • The new political order
  • Repealing the Aboriginal Land Rights Act
  • A post-bureaucratic public service
  • Self-sufficiency, not dependency
  • The Perkins Report — strategic retreat
  • Removing land rights from the postcolonial landscape

Chapter 3. Firm government: state of siege

  • Law and order in New South Wales
  • Punishing crime
  • Law and order in north-western New South Wales
  • State of siege

Chapter 4. Postcolonial fantasy and anxiety in the North West

  • The North West as contested space
  • Policing cultural borderlands
  • Postcolonial subjects
  • Contingent jurisprudence

Chapter 5. Police testimony and the Brewarrina riot trial
Co-authored with Kerry Zubrinich

  • A prosecution account of the riot
  • What is a riot?
  • Power relations in the courtroom

Chapter 6. Aborigines behaving badly: legal realism and paternalism

  • The evidentiary effect of video
  • Bodies in pain and paternalism
  • Docile bodies and Aborigines behaving badly
  • Legal realism and paternalism


Protests, Land Rights, and Riots

Postcolonial Struggles in Australia in the 1980s

Barry Morris
Foreword by Albert Bates

216 pages, 11 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-537-0 Hb Published (December 2014)

eISBN 978-1-78238-538-7 eBook