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Introduction: Questioning the Car: Prolegomena for a Historical Analysis of Global Mobility
     New Perspectives, New Questions
     Looking Back: Emergence and Persistence of the Adventure Machine
     Extending Adventure: The Car as Possession and Status Symbol
     Producing Commodification: Status, Narcissism, and Self-Development
     Diversifying Automotive Identities: The Non-Hegemonic Self
     New Mobility Studies: Bodily Senses, The Car as Medium, and the Challenge of Representation
     The Trouble with Travel Writing: Meandering between Fictionality and Representation
     This Study: Sources and Terminology

Part I. Emergence and Persistence (Again): The Shaping of Mobility Layerdness beyond the West

Chapter 1. Modernizing without Automobilization: Subverting and Subalternizing Mobility History (1890–1945/1950)
     Imperialist Mobilities: Japan and the Modernization of Manchuria
     Urban Mobilities: The Rickshaw and the Motorization of Asian Cities
     Between Long March and Long-Haul: Rail and Road Network Building in China
     Dual Networks of Rails and Roads: The Modal Configuration in Other Asian Countries
     Migration, Colonialism and the Struggle between Rail and Road: The Case of Africa
     More than Modern: Constructing a Latin American Adventure Machine
     The Rest and the West: Subversive and Subaltern Mobilities?

Part II: Exuberance, with a Twist: Spreading the Gospel of Automobilism

Chapter 2. Fragmenting Automotive Adventure: Western Exuberant Automobilism and Middle-Class Guilt (1945–1973)
     “Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan”
     A Multimedia Feast: Folk, Beat, Rock and Other Mobilities
     Motorizing the Worker: Fragmentation and Convergence of Western Car Cultures
     The Attack on Public Transport: Hegemonic Car Cultures in a Cold War Setting
     Experiencing the Car in a Fragmented Culture: Shifts in Autopoetic Adventures
     Songs and Movies: Rejuvenating the Adventure Machine in Popular Culture
     Flow Interrupted: Crash and the Systemic Aspects of Automobilism

Chapter 3. Layered Development: The Transnational Construction of a World Mobility System (1940s–1970s)
     What is ‘Layered Development’?
     Alternative Developments: Soviet Mobility and the Modernization of China and India
     Conceiving ‘Development’: Mobilizing the ‘Rest’
     Mediating Modernization: Japan and Asian ‘Development’
     Constructing ‘Circulation’: The IRF and the "Development" of Africa
     Developmentalism vs. Dependentismo: Latin American Mobilities and the Frustrations of Middle-Class Modernity
     Conclusions: Road, Rail, and Development

Layered, Fragmented, Subversive, Subaltern: Conclusions


Globalizing Automobilism

Exuberance and the Emergence of Layered Mobility, 1900–1980

Gijs Mom

688 pages, 23 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-461-2 Hb Published (August 2020)

eISBN 978-1-78920-462-9 eBook