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Introduction: Heritage Dynamics: Politics of Authentication, Aesthetics of Persuasion and the Cultural Production of the Real
Mattijs van de Port & Birgit Meyer

Chapter 1. 
Aesthetics as Form and Force: Notes on the Shaping of Pataxó Indian Bodies
André Werneck de Andrade Bakker

Chapter 2. Intangible Heritage, Tangible Controversies: The Baiana and the Acarajé as Boundary Objects in Contemporary Brazil
Bruno Reinhardt

Chapter 3. Swinging between the Material and the Immaterial: Brazilian Cultural Politics and the Authentication of Afro-Brazilian Heritage
Maria Paula Fernandes Adinolfi

Chapter 4. 'Reporting the Past': News History and the Formation of the Sunday Times Heritage Project
Duane Jethro

Chapter 5. Scaffolding Heritage: Transient Architectures and Temporalizing Formations in Luanda
Ruy Llera Blanes

Chapter 6. Corpo-Reality TV: Media, Body, and the Authentication of ‘African Heritage’
Marleen de Witte

Chapter 7. Heated Discussions Are Necessary. The Creative Engagement with Sankofa in Modern Ghanaian Art
Rhoda Woets

Chapter 8. Iconic Objects: Making Diasporic Heritage, Blackness and Whiteness in the Netherlands
Markus Balkenhol

Chapter 9. Ascertaining the Future Memory of Our Time: Dutch Institutions Collecting Relics of National Tragedy
Irene Stengs

Concluding Comments

Chapter 10. Heritage Under Construction: Boundary Objects, Scaffolding and Anticipation
David Chidester

Chapter 11. Can Anything Become Heritage?
David Berliner

Chapter 12. Heritage as Process
Ciraj Rassool


Sense and Essence

Heritage and the Cultural Production of the Real

Edited by Birgit Meyer and Mattijs van de Port

350 pages, 46 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-939-4 Hb Published (July 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78533-941-7 eBook