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Sara Berry

Introduction: Trust and Transitions in Northern Uganda
Lotte Meinert and Susan Reynolds Whyte

Part I: Claims to Land

Case I: The Case of a Disputed Land Sale
Mette Lind Kusk

Chapter 1. Multiplicity
Stephen Langole, Susan Reynolds Whyte and Michael Whyte

Chapter 2. Transactions
Lotte Meinert and Mette Lind Kusk

Chapter 3. Conflicts
Irene Winnie Anying and Quentin Gausset

Part II: Intimate Governance of Land

Case II: Disrupted Land and Broken Graves
Sophie Seebach

Chapter 4. Generations
Esther Acio, Lioba Lenhart and Susan Reynolds Whyte

Chapter 5. Gender
Julaina A. Obika and Hanne O. Mogensen

Chapter 6. Belonging
Ben Otto Adol, Michael Whyte and Susan Reynolds Whyte

Part III: Imagining Development

Case III: Claiming ‘Their’ School: Land Dispute Between Two Churches over a Primary School
Catrine Shroff

Chapter 7. Aspirations
Susan Reynolds Whyte and Catrine Shroff

Chapter 8. Inside-Outsiders
Marianne Mosebo and Lotte Meinert

Chapter 9. Conservation
Lioba Lenhart and Lotte Meinert

Afterword: Who Belongs Where, and What Belongs to Whom?
Christian Lund

Appendix: Land Legislation and Implementation in Uganda
Anne Mette Kjær


This Land Is Not For Sale

Trust and Transitions in Northern Uganda

Edited by Lotte Meinert and Susan Reynolds Whyte

Foreword by Sara Berry
Afterword by Christian Lund

298 pages, 30 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-697-9 Hb Published (January 2023)

This title is published as Open Access

Full Text PDF | Full Text ePUB Made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license with support from Berghahn Open Migration and Development Studies initiative.