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Introduction: Configuring Contagion in Biosocial epidemics
Lotte Meinert and Jens Seeberg

Chapter 1. Gender Configurations and Suicide in Northern Uganda
Susan Whyte and Henry Oboke

Chapter 2. Configuring Epidemic Suicide in Oceania
Ted Lowe

Chapter 3. Haunted by the Future: Autism and the Spectre of Prison – Configuring Race and Disability in the African American Community
Cheryl Mattingly and Stephanie Keeney Parks

Chapter 4. Configuring Affection: Family Experiences of Obesity and Social Contagion in Denmark
Lone Grøn

Chapter 5. Health Activists and Trauma Contagion: Cultural Epidemics and Raising Awareness of Trauma in Post-conflict, Post-tsunami Aceh
Jesse Hession Grayman, Mary-Jo DelVeccio Good and Byron Good

Chapter 6. Touched by Violence: Configuring Affliction after War in Northern Uganda
Lars Williams and Lotte Meinert

Chapter 7. ‘These Spirit Attacks are Like an Epidemic’: Spirit Possession as Affective Contagion in Niger
Adeline Masquelier, Abouzeidi Maidouka Dillé and Ly Amadou H. Belko

Chapter 8. Haunted by Internet Porn: Configuration of a Hidden Contagion
Doug Hollan

Chapter 9. Contagious Configurations: Reproductive Governance from Abortion to Zika virus in Latin America
Lynn M. Morgan

Chapter 10. Figures of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis.
Jens Seeberg, Bijaylaxmi Rautray and Shyama Mohapatra

Afterword: Epidemics and Ghosts
Byron Good


Configuring Contagion

Ethnographies of Biosocial Epidemics

Edited by Lotte Meinert and Jens Seeberg

Afterword by Byron Good

274 pages, 5 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-304-6 Hb Published (February 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-305-3 eBook