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Margaret Conkey

Lynne Goldstein and Seth Mallios

Part I: Archaeologies of Resilience and Persistence

Part I Overview

Chapter 1. Neighborhood Archaeology at 17th-Century Mission Santa Catalina de Guale
Elliot H. Blair

Chapter 2. A Kashaya Village (CA-SON-174) at Fort Ross in the 1840s-1850s: A Case Study in Historical Anthropology
Glenn J. Farris

Chapter 3. Orthogonal Thought and Architectures of Resilience, Community, and Historical Minstrelsy at the Nathan Harrison Cabin Site
Seth Mallios

Chapter 4. Holistic, Diachronic, and Broadly Comparative: The Lightfoot ‘Holy Trinity’ and the Historical Anthropology of Colonial California
Lee M. Panich

Chapter 5. Kent Lightfoot and the Zooarchaeology of Traditional Foodways in California
Thomas A. Wake

Part II: Theoretical and Methodological Innovations in Archaeology

Part II Overview

Chapter 6. Lightening Archaeology’s Footprint: Archival Surveys and Ground-Penetrating Radar on the West Coast
Scott Byram

Chapter 7. Walipo Practitioners among the Kashia and Coast Miwok: Lukeria Aipau Myers and Her Metini Lineage’s Role in Fort Ross Archaeology and Ethnography
Sandra E. Hollimon

Chapter 8. Turning the Tables: Interpreting the Deep Past in Light of Insights from the Recent Past
Kathleen L. Hull

Part III: Engagement with Contemporary People and Current Issues

Part III Overview

Chapter 9. Title: Archaeology, Historical Ecology, and Contemporary Land Stewardship
Rob Q. Cuthrell

Chapter 10. Telling Survivance: Connecting the Past with Present in Archaeologies of Colonialism
Sara L. Gonzalez

Chapter 11. An Archaeology of Multiethnicity in Hawaiian Ranching Sites
Peter R. Mills

Chapter 12. Rethinking ‘Long-Term’: Time Immemorial and Archaeology in an Era of Self-Dealing and Sacrilegious Destruction
Tsim D. Schneider

Part IV: Conducting Archaeology with Honor, Humor, and Humility

Part IV Overview

Chapter 13. Transformative Relationships and Enduring Partnerships in Archaeological Practice
Barbara L. Voss

Chapter 14. Curios and Collections: The Lightfoot Lab Legacy Through Little Things Left Behind
Alec Apodaca and Michael Grone

Chapter 15. A Testament to Kent Lightfoot’s Academic Legacy
Antoinette Martinez and Frank E. Bayham

Chapter 16. Lightfoot Living: Practicing Humility, Care, and Collaboration in Archaeology
Stephen W. Silliman

David Hurst Thomas

Inclusion, Transformation, and Humility in North American Archaeology

Essays and Other “Great Stuff” Inspired by Kent G. Lightfoot

Edited by Seth Mallios, Sara L. Gonzalez, Michael Grone, Kathleen L. Hull, Peter Nelson, and Stephen W. Silliman

Foreword by Margaret Conkey
Afterword by David Hurst Thomas

332 pages, 36 ills., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80539-252-1 Hb Published (January 2024)

eISBN 978-1-80539-253-8 eBook