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Chapter 1. Are People and Animals Separate Kinds of Beings?
Chapter 2. Could Animal-Human Transformations Be Considered as Dreaming or Hallucinating?
Chapter 3. Could We Think of Transformations as Metaphoric?
Chapter 4. Similarities and Contrasts with Ancient Greece
Chapter 5. Are There Complete and Incomplete Transformations?
Chapter 6. How Do Things Become Equivalent?
Chapter 7. Is Shamanism a Kind of Disease?
Chapter 8. Are There Objects without Perspectives?
Chapter 9. Why Are Some Animals Unable to Transform?
Chapter 10. Do Transformations Need Proof? Are Shamans and Healers Ever Doubted?
Chapter 11. Are Transformations Analogous to Miracles? Is It All about Believing?
Chapter 12. Is Proof Linked to Literacy?
Chapter 13. Could Those Transformations Be Compared to Those in Literary Fiction?
Chapter 14. Should We Talk about Ontologies When Faced with a World in Flux?
Chapter 15. Anthropologists and Philosophers



Of Jaguars and Butterflies

Metalogues on Issues in Anthropology and Philosophy

Geoffrey Lloyd and Aparecida Vila├ža

130 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-904-8 Hb Published (April 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80073-905-5 eBook