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Shirley Lindenbaum


Introduction: Mortuary Ritual, Modern Social Theory and the Historical Moment in Pacific Modernity
Eric K. Silverman and David Lipset


Chapter 1. Fearing the Dead: The Mortuary Rites of Marshall Islanders’ amid the Tragedy of Pacific Modernity
Laurence M. Carucci

Chapter 2. Into the World of Sorrow: Women and the Work of Death in Maori Mortuary Rites
Che Wilson and Karen Sinclair

Chapter 3. Death and Experience in Rawa Mortuary Rites, Papua New Guinea
Doug Dalton

Chapter 4. The Knotted Person: Death, the Bad Breast and Melanesian Modernity among the Murik, Papua New Guinea
David Lipset

Chapter 5. Mortuary Ritual and Mining Riches in Island Melanesia
Nicholas A. Bainton and Martha Macintyre


Chapter 6. Finishing Kapui's Name: Birth, Death and the Reproduction of Manam Society, Papua New Guinea
Nancy C. Lutkehaus

Chapter 7. Transformations of Male Initiation and Mortuary Rites among the Kayan of Papua New Guinea
Alexis T. von Poser

Chapter 8. Mortuary Failures: Traditional Uncertainties and Modern Families in the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea
Eric K. Silverman

Chapter 9. Everything Will Come Up Like TV, Everything Will Be Revealed: Death in an Age of Uncertainty in the Purari Delta, Papua New Guinea
Joshua Bell

Afterword: Mortuary Dialogues in Pacific Modernities and Anthropology
David Lipset, Eric K. Silverman and Eric Venbrux


Mortuary Dialogues

Death Ritual and the Reproduction of Moral Community in Pacific Modernities

Edited by David Lipset and Eric K. Silverman
Foreword by Shirley Lindenbaum

262 pages, 44 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-171-8 Hb Published (June 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-172-5 eBook