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List of Maps, Figures and Tables
Note on Transliteration and Translation

Introduction: Pathways into the ‘City of the Future’

  • Astana, Kazakhstan and the Global Lives of Modernist Urbanism
  • Anthropology’s Space
  • Space and Time
  • Theorizing the City Anthropologically
  • Fieldwork in the ‘City of the Future’

Chapter 1. Materializing the Future: Images and Practices

  • Deconstruction, Reconstruction
  • The Cityscape of the Future
  • Becoming ‘Contemporary’
  • The Roots of Disenchantment, and Its Limits

Chapter 2. Performing Urbanity: Migrants, the City and Collective Identification

  • Identities beyond Representation
  • Urbanity and Rurality in Kazakhstan
  • Migration to Astana
  • Migrants’ Stories
    • Kumano: A Pioneer Settles Down
    • Kirill and Gisele: Love on the Move
    • Bakytgul: Caught Up in Deferrals
    • Aynura: The Girl Who Played the Accordion
    • Madiyar: The Struggling Southerner
  • Embodying Identity

Chapter 3. Tselinograd: The Past in the ‘City of the Future’

  • Building Tselinograd
  • Nostalgia and Spatial Intimacy
  • Walking in Tselinograd
  • Tselinograd’s Glory

Chapter 4. Celebration and the City: Belonging in Public Space

  • What Is Public Space?
  • The Setting: City Squares
  • Public Holiday Celebrations
    • Late-Soviet Tselinograd
    • Astana
  • Whose Celebration, Whose City?
  • Public Space Reopened

Chapter 5. Fixing the Courtyard: Mundane Place-Making

  • Shifting Frameworks
  • Material Place-Making in the Dvor
  • Digression: Things Make a Difference
  • The KSK Takeover

Chapter 6. Playing with the City: ‘Encounter’ in Astana

  • What is ‘Encounter’?
  • Game Types
  • ‘Encounter’ as Play
  • Play or Politics: Carnival, Stiob and ‘Encounter’
  • ‘Encounter’s Creativity'
  • Creasing Space



'City of the Future'

Built Space, Modernity and Urban Change in Astana

Mateusz Laszczkowski

220 pages, 2 tables, 2 maps, 22 figures, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-256-2 Hb Published (August 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-257-9 eBook