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Part I: Taariihi: Mobility and Group Formation in Historical Perspective

Chapter 1. The Wodaabe in Niger: Structure as Historical Process
Chapter 2. A History of Migrations: Placemaking Processes in Diachronic Perspective

Part II: Duuniyaaru: Spaces of Social Interaction

Chapter 3. Inter-ethnic Relations: The Balance of Integration and Conflict
Chapter 4. A Meta-ethnic Social Space: The Continuum of Identity and Difference

Part III: Ladde: Transformations in the Pastoral Realm

Chapter 5. From Nomadic Pastoralism to Sedentarization and Economic Diversification
Chapter 6. Consequences of the New Spatial Strategies

Part IV: Si’ire: Appropriating the City

Chapter 7. New Resources in the Urban Space
Chapter 8. Social Interaction in the City
Chapter 9. The Translocal Dimension of Urban Migration

Part V: Gassungol Wodaabe: The Translocal Network of the Ethnic Group

Chapter 10. The Translocal Community and Social Reproduction
Chapter 11. Cultural Change and the Reproduction of Difference



Space, Place and Identity

Wodaabe of Niger in the 21st Century

Florian Köhler

246 pages, 23 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-636-4 Hb Published (March 2020)

eISBN 978-1-78920-637-1 eBook