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Part I: Settling in Cities

Chapter 1. Syrian Self-Settlement in Lebanon’s ‘Arrival Cities’: Refugee Livelihoods in Tripoli, Beirut, and Tyre
Robert Forster and Are John Knudsen

Chapter 2. At the Intersection of Economic and Family Networks: Female Syrian Refugees from Homs in Mafraq, Jordan
Sarah Tobin

Chapter 3. ‘Here, I’m a Syrian in Erbil’: Identities and Livelihoods of the Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Wirya, Khogir, Fuad Smail and Tine Gade

Chapter 4. Aspiring Cosmopolitans: Syrian Youth in Urban Turkey
Rebecca Bryant and Dunya Habash

Part II: Refugee Urbanism and Urban Policies

Chapter 5. The (Re-)Making of a Palestinian Ghetto:’Commercial Buildings’ and Syrian settlement in the Beddawi Refugee Camp
Ismae’l Sheikh Hassan

Chapter 6. ‘Give Them Shelter’: An Investigation of the Occupancy Free of Charge Refugee Response in Lebanon
Watfa Najdi, Mona Fawaz and Nasser Yassin

Chapter 7. Syrian Refugees in Urban Turkey: Between Migration Policies and Realities
İçduygu, Ahmet and Souad Osseiran

Chapter 8. Refugees and the Urban Fabric: Palestinian and Syrian Settlement Patterns in Jordan
Doraï, Kamel

Part III: Global Policy Approaches

Chapter 9. Refuge in Syria: Where Duty Outweighs Human Rights Based Approaches
Dawn Chatty

Chapter 10. The Syrian Emergency and its Impact on the Evolution of Global Refugee Policy
Jeff Crisp

Chapter 11. Strategic Caution and Tactical Innovation: UNHCR Responses to Changing Patterns of Displacement
Astri Suhrke

Chapter 12. Global Frameworks for Urban (Displacement) Response
Lien, Ida Z. and Synne Bergby


Urban Displacement

Syria's Refugees in the Middle East

Edited by Are John Knudsen & Sarah A. Tobin

330 pages, 10 ills., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80539-301-6 Hb Published (March 2024)

This title is published as Open Access

Full Text PDF | Full Text ePUB Made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license with support from Berghahn Open Migration and Development Studies initiative.