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Introduction: The Upper Guinea Coast in Global Perspective
Jacqueline Knörr and Christoph Kohl


Chapter 1. Towards a Definition of Transnational as a Family Construct: An Historical and Micro Perspective
Bruce L. Mouser

Chapter 2. Lusocreole Culture and Identity Compared: The Cases of Guinea-Bissau and Sri Lanka
Christoph Kohl

Chapter 3. Freetown’s Yoruba-modelled Secret Societies as Transnational and Trans-ethnic Mechanisms for Social Integration
Nathaniel King


Chapter 4. Contested Transnational Spaces: Debating Emigrants‘ Citizenship and Role in Guinean Politics
Anita Schroven

Chapter 5. Identity beyond ID – Diaspora within the Nation
Markus Rudolf

Chapter 6. The African ‘Other’ in the Cape Verde Islands: Interaction, Integration and the Forging of an Immigration Policy
Pedro F. José-Marcelino

Chapter 7. Celebrating Asymmetries – Creole Stratification and the Regrounding of Home in Cape Verdean Migrant Return Visits
Heike Drotbohm


Chapter 8. Travelling Terms: Analysis of Semantic Fluctuations in the Atlantic World
Wilson Trajano Filho

Chapter 9. Rice and Revolution: Agrarian Life and Global Food Policy on the Upper Guinea Coast
Joanna Davidson

Chapter 10. Transnational and Local Models of Non-Refoulement: Youth and Women in the Moral Economy of Patronage in Post-War Liberia and Sierra Leone
William P. Murphy

Chapter 11. Expanding the Space for Freedom of Expression in Post-war Sierra Leone
Sylvanus Spencer

Chapter 12. Sierra Leone, Child Soldiers, and Global Flows of Child Protection Expertise
Susan Shepler


Chapter 13. The ‘Mandingo Question’: Transnational Ethnic Identity and Violent Conflict in an Upper Guinea Border Area*
Christian K. Højbjerg†

Chapter 14. Solo Darboe, Former Diamond Dealer: Transnational Connections and Home Politics in the Twentieth-Century Gambia
Alice Bellagamba

Chapter 15. Market Networks and Warfare: A Comparison of the Seventeenth Century Blade Weapons Trade and the Nineteenth Century Firearms Trade in the Casamance
Peter Mark and José da Silva Horta

Notes on Contributors

*This chapter is not available in the open access edition due to rights restrictions. It is accessible in the print edition, spanning pages 255-279. 

The Upper Guinea Coast in Global Perspective

Edited by Jacqueline Knörr and Christoph Kohl

336 pages, 7 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-069-8 Hb Published (February 2016)

This title is published as Open Access

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