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Introduction: Transience and the Sea
Martin Demant Frederiksen and Tamta Khalvashi

Part I: Transience and Poetics

Tide 1. Taking the Cure at the Black Sea
Katherine Verdery

Chapter 1. The Black Sea ‘Moments’ and ‘Coexistence on the Move’ in Transit
Vera Skvirskaja

Chapter 2. Transient Love in Batumi: Being a Sailor’s Wife
Elene Gavashelishvili

Chapter 3. Complex Intimacies: Sex Work, Human Trafficking and Romance between Italy and the Black Sea Coast of Romania
Trine Mygind Korsby

Tide 2. Batumi (Prayer to the Sea)
Giorgi Maisuradze

Part II. Transience and Politics

Tide 3. The Black Sea from Crimea: Transience and Dyschronicity
Greta Lynn Uehling

Chapter 4. Making Revolutionary Consciousness Transient: Altering Political Identities in Turkey’s Black Sea Towns
Christopher Houston

Chapter 5. Transient In-betweenness: Conflicting Present and Futures in the De Facto Republic of Abkhazia
Mikel J.H. Venhovens

Part III. Transience and Aesthetics

Tide 4. Boat with a Single Square Sail
Anna Dziapshipa

Chapter 6. Makeshift Boats: Transience, Turbulence and the Sea of Mourning
Tamta Khalvashi

Chapter 7. Fishers, Sea Snails and Dolphins: The Changing Context of Transient Inter-Species Relations in the Black Sea
Caroline Humphrey

Chapter 8. Svetlana by the Shore: Stones, Dys/Appearances and Un/Common Grounds in a City of Transience
Martin Demant Frederiksen

Tide 5. The Refugees
Stephanos Papadopoulos

Conclusion: Black Sea Matters: Transience and Phanta-sea
Tamta Khalvashi and Martin Demant Frederiksen


A Sea of Transience

Poetics, Politics and Aesthetics along the Black Sea Coast

Edited by Tamta Khalvashi and Martin Demant Frederiksen

216 pages, 15 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-786-0 Hb Published (February 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80073-787-7 eBook