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Introduction: In Search of Unusual in Early Modern and Modern Burial Traditions
Titta Kallio-Seppä, Sanna Lipkin, Annemari Tranberg, Tiina Väre, and Ulla Moilanen

Memorials, Graveyards, Epidemics: Inequality, Disease and Sudden Death

Chapter 1. Forgotten and Remembered: Unusual Memorial Practices at Buffalo’s old Cemeteries
Sanna Lipkin

Chapter 2. Reactions to Tragedy: Familial and Community Memorials to Sudden Occupational Deaths in Britain and Ireland
Harold Mytum

Chapter 3. Memory of Epidemic Diseases in Finland: Old Disease Cemeteries and Modern Urban Planning
Titta Kallio-Seppä and Tiina Väre

Chapter 4. Freethinkers’ Cemeteries and Local Secular Burial Culture in Finland
Ilona Pajari

Peculiar Burial Places

Chapter 5. Death during retreat – the burials of Carolean soldiers in Jämtland and Trøndelag (Sweden and Norway)
Kristina Jonsson

Chapter 6. Taken to the Island. Temporary Burials in Early and Late Modern Periods in Finnish Periphery
Tiina Väre and Juha Ruohonen

Memories and Folklore of Unusual Death

Chapter 7. “On the Apparitions of Drowned Men”: Folklore and the Memory of Unnatural Death at Haffjarðarey, Western Iceland
Sarah Hoffman

Chapter 8. The Death is Living with Us – Witchcraft at the East Coast of Bothnian Bay during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Annemari Tranberg

Unusual Cause of Death

Chapter 9. The cause of Death – Arsenic or Mercury? Investigation of Human Remains from Entombments in the Moscow Kremlin (Sixteenth – Early Seventeenth Century)  
T. D. Panova, A. Yu. Dmitriev, S. B. Borzakov and C. Hramco

Chapter 10. Sawed Skulls - Archaeological Evidence of Medico-legal Autopsies in Finland
Ulla Moilanen, Anne-Mari Liira, Heli Lehto, Kati Salo, Maija Helamaa, and Kari Uotila

Milton Núñez


Unusual Death and Memorialization

Burial, Space, and Memory in the Post-Medieval North

Edited by Titta Kallio-Seppä, Sanna Lipkin, Tiina Väre, Ulla Moilanen and Annemari Tranberg

Afterword by Milton Núñez

308 pages, 48 illus., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-602-3 Hb Published (August 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-603-0 eBook