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Foreword: NGOs and Lifeworlds in Africa
Aram Ziai

Introduction: The Lifeworlds and Trajectories of NGOs in Africa
Melina C. Kalfelis and Kathrin Knodel

Part I: Engagements and Encounters

Chapter 1. An Association for Emerging Technologies and the Bases of Its Longevity. The Example of Yam Pukri in Burkina Faso
Sylvestre Ouédraogo

Chapter 2. ‘I Will Not Tell Anyone Until You Have Left’: The Ending of a Development Relationship Remembered
Karen Lauterbach

Chapter 3. Becoming an Expert and Negotiating Development: A Development Studies Programme in Germany
Ulrike Schultz

     On Opportunities
Chapter 4.
Alternatives to Consultancy and NGOing: Developing Anthropological Team Research in West Africa
Sten Hagberg

Part II: Politics and Donors

Chapter 5. Career Trajectories of Tanzanian Aid Workers: Structural Inequalities and New Management Practices in Public Foreign Aid
Molly Sundberg

Chapter 6. The Contribution of National NGOs to Development in Burkina Faso: Review and Prospects
Alain J. Sissao

Chapter 7. Artisanal Mining – a Necessary Evil: Narratives Legitimating Large-Scale Mining as a Pathway to Development
Bettina Engels

     On Reciprocity (beyond Africa)
Chapter 8.
The Price of Getting Donor Money: Gift Exchange in Aid Relations and the Depoliticization of NGOs
Beata Paragi

Part III: Memories and History

Chapter 9. Negotiating Tightropes: A Historical Appraisal of NGOs and their Adaptability in Nigeria’s Changing Political Space
Abimbola O. Adesoji

Chapter 10. From Development State to Non-State Development: Counterpart Careers, West German Aid and Asymmetrical Interdependence in Late Socialist Tanzania
Eric Burton

Chapter 11. Civil Society and the Challenge of Consolidating Democracy in Togo
Kokou Folly Lolowou Hetcheli

Chapter 12. The Custodians of Development Memory in Morocco: When Development Projects Create New Forms of Leadership for Policy-Making
Matthieu Brun

     On Institutions
Chapter 13.
On the Advantages of ‘Intentional Amnesia’: Some Preliminary Notes on a Cultural History of NGOs in Burkina Faso
Hans P. Hahn

Afterword: Ad Hoc NGOs, Structural Failure and the Politics of Silence: Stories about Development from a Village in Togo
Hubertus Büschel


NGOs and Lifeworlds in Africa

Transdisciplinary Perspectives

Edited by Melina C. Kalfelis and Kathrin Knodel
Foreword by Aram Ziai
Afterword by Hubertus B├╝schel

350 pages, 9 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-110-3 Hb Published (June 2021)

eISBN 978-1-80073-111-0 eBook