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Introduction: Introductory Thoughts on Anthropology and Urban Insurrection
Don Kalb and Massimiliano Mollona

Chapter 1. Confronting ‘Aggressive Urbanism’: Frictional Heterogeneity in the ‘Gezi Protests’ of Turkey
Mehmet Barış Kuymulu

Chapter 2. Reconfiguring 'the People'? Notes on the 2014 Winter Revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Stef Jansen

Chapter 3. ‘Sofia 2014, Feels Like 1989’: Abstention from the Protests and Declining Market Teleology in Bulgaria
Dimitra Kofti

Chapter 4. Spontaneity, Antagonism and the Moral Politics of Outrage: Urban Protest in Argentina since 2001
Sian Lazar

Chapter 5. ‘Neither Left nor Right’: Crisis, Wane of Politics, and Struggles for Sovereignty
Giacomo Loperfido

Chapter 6. Rebels and Revolutionaries: Urban Mobilizations of the Kamaiya Movement in Post-Conflict Western Nepal
Michael Peter Hoffmann

Chapter 7. The Brazilian ‘June’ Revolution: Urban Struggles, Composite Articulations and New Class Analysis
Massimiliano Mollona

Chapter 8. Contradictions of the ‘Common Man’: A Realist Approach to India's Aam Aadmi Party
Luisa Steur

Chapter 9. Re-envisioning Social Movements in the Global City: from Fordism to the Neoliberal Era
Ida Susser

Afterword: Notes for a Contemporary Urban Class Analysis
Massimiliano Mollona and Don Kalb


Worldwide Mobilizations

Class Struggles and Urban Commoning

Edited by Don Kalb and Massimiliano Mollona

256 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-906-6 Hb Published (June 2018)

eISBN 978-1-78533-907-3 eBook