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Introduction: Waithood: Gender, Education, and Global Delays in Marriage and Childbearing
Nancy J. Smith-Hefner and Marcia C. Inhorn

Part I: Waithood, Statehood, and the Struggle for Dignity

Chapter 1. Youth, Economics, and the Politics of Waithood: The Struggle for Dignity in the Middle East and North Africa
Diane Singerman

Chapter 2. “Trusting is a Dicey Affair”: Muslim Youth, Gender Relations, and Future-Making in Southwestern Uganda
Dorothea E. Schulz

Chapter 3. Waiting at the Fada: Young Men, “Tea Circles,” and Delayed Adulthood in Niger
Adeline Masquelier

Chapter 4. Emergent Waithood: Institutions and Marriage Delays among Mayan Women in Guatemala
Nicole S. Berry

Part II: Gender, Education, and the Aspiration for Autonomy

Chapter 5. Active Waithood: Youthmen, Fatherhood, and Men’s Educational Aspirations in Sierra Leone
Kristen E. McLean

Chapter 6. “Giving Oneself Time”: Marriage and Motherhood in Urban Rwanda
Aalyia Feroz Ali Sadruddin

Chapter 7. Tactics of Marriage Delay in China: Education, Rural-to-Urban Migration, and “Leftover Women”
Zachary M. Howlett

Chapter 8. Too Educated to Marry? Muslim Women and Extended Singlehood in Indonesia
Nancy J. Smith-Hefner

Part III: Delayed Marriage and the Meanings of Singlehood

Chapter 9. Conjugal Conundrums: Conversion and Marriage Delay in the Contemporary Caribbean
Brendan Jamal Thornton

Chapter 10. Between Cynicism and Idealism: Voluntary Waithood in Iran
Mehrdad Babadi

Chapter 11. Refusing to Settle: Migration among Single Professional Women in Jordan
Fida Adely

Chapter 12. Never-Married Women in India: Gendered Life Courses, Desires, and Identities in Flux
Sarah Lamb

Part IV: Delayed Childbearing and the Quest for Motherhood

Chapter 13. Blamed for Delay: French Norms and Practices of ART in the Context of Increasing Age-Related Female Infertility
Manon Vialle

Chapter 14. Waiting Too Long to Mother: Involuntary Childlessness and Assisted Reproduction in Contemporary Spain
Beatriz San Román

Chapter 15. The Egg Freezing Revolution? Gender, Education, and Reproductive Waithood in America
Marcia C. Inhorn

Conclusion: Waithood in the Twenty-First Century
Marcia C. Inhorn and Nancy J. Smith-Hefner



Gender, Education, and Global Delays in Marriage and Childbearing

Edited by Marcia C. Inhorn and Nancy J. Smith-Hefner

424 pages, 12 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-899-3 Hb Published (December 2020)

eISBN 978-1-78920-900-6 eBook