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Introduction: Movement, Place-making and Cultural Identification: Multiplicities of Belonging  
Wolfgang Kempf, Toon van Meijl and Elfriede Hermann

Chapter 1. Culture as Experience: Constructing Identities through Cross-cultural Encounters
Eveline Dürr

Chapter 2. ‘Forty Plus Different Tribes’: Displacement, Place-making and Aboriginal Tribal Names on Palm Island, Australia
Lise Garond

Chapter 3. Coconuts and the Landscape of Underdevelopment on Panapompom, Papua New Guinea
Will Rollason

Chapter 4. Invisible Villages in the City: Niuean Constructions of Place and Identity in Auckland
Hilke Thode-Arora

Chapter 5. Migration and Identity: Cook Islanders’ Relation to Land
Arno Pascht

Chapter 6. Protestantism among the Pacific Peoples in New Zealand: Mobility, Cultural Identifications, and Generational Shifts
Yannick Fer and Gwendoline Malogne-Fer

Chapter 7. Identity and Belonging in Cross-cultural Friendship: Māori and Pākehā Experiences
Agnes Brandt

Epilogue: Uncertain Futures of Belonging: Consequences of Climate Change and Sea-level Rise in Oceania
Wolfgang Kempf and Elfriede Hermann

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Belonging in Oceania

Movement, Place-Making and Multiple Identifications

Edited by Elfriede Hermann, Wolfgang Kempf and Toon van Meijl

232 pages,

ISBN  978-1-78238-415-1 Hb Published (September 2014)

eISBN 978-1-78238-416-8 eBook