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Chris Hann

Introduction: Work and Ethics in Anthropology
Chris Hann

Chapter 1. The Meaning of “Free” Work: Service as a Gift, and Labor as a Commodity for Ni-Vanuatu Labor Migrants
Rachel E. Smith

Chapter 2. On the Meanings of Pleasure: Work, Ethics, and Freedom in the Hunza Valley
Katherine J. L. Miller

Chapter 3. Ethics of Work and Freedom in the Argentinean Andes: Value Creation and Virtuous Self-Crafting through Miniature Production
Olivia Angé

Chapter 4. Pursuing Pleasure at Work: Friendship and Precarity at North Indian Call Centers
Akanksha Awal

Chapter 5. More Than Money: Work as Self-Realization in Accra’s Private Media
Anna-Riikka Kauppinen

Chapter 6. Capitalism, Overwork, and Polanyi’s Dialectics of Freedom: Emerging Visions of Work-Life Balance in Contemporary Urban China
Gonçalo Santos, Yichen Rao, Jack L. Xing, Jun Zhang

Chapter 7. From Freedom to Loaf to Freedom to Work: The Late Socialist Countermovement and Liberalization from Below in Yugoslavia
Ivan Rajković

Chapter 8. Max Weber’s Heirs? Work and Ethics among Small Business Owners in East Germany
Sylvia Terpe

Chapter 9. Click for Work: Rethinking Freedom through Online Work Distribution Platforms
Ilana Gershon and Melissa Cefkin

Chapter 10. Unicorn-Makers Working for Freedom (and Monopolies): The Work of Venture Capital Investors
Johannes Lenhard

Chapter 11. Individuality, Teamwork and Work Processes in a Financial Services Center in Germany
Magdalena Dąbkowska

Chapter 12. Writing Without Fear—or By-Lines: Freedom and Frustration among US American Ghostwriters
Deborah A. Jones

Gerd Spittler


Work, Society, and the Ethical Self

Chimeras of Freedom in the Neoliberal Era

Edited by Chris Hann
Afterword by Gerd Spittler

304 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-225-4 Hb Published (September 2021)

eISBN 978-1-80073-226-1 eBook