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Introduction: Exploring Injustices through Heritage in the Neoliberal City
Feras Hammami, Daniel Jewesbury and Chiara Valli

Part I: Heritage through Gentrification in the Post-Industrial City

Chapter 1. Theorizing Heritage in the Post-Industrial City
Maris Boyd Gillette

Chapter 2. The Value of the Uncool: Reflections on the Demolition of an Old Re-used Industrial Area
Helena Holgersson

Chapter 3. ‘Cleaning up’ Heritage in the Post-Industrial City: Making Heritage, Gentrification and Legitimacy in Gamlestaden
Feras Hammami and Chiara Valli

Part II: Gentrification through Heritage-Making and Remaking

Chapter 4. Beyond the Good, the Neutral and the Consensual: Heritage between the Police and the Political
Višnja Kisić

Chapter 5. Whose Heritage, Whose City? Questions from the Revolting New York Project
Don Mitchell

Chapter 6. ‘Virtuous Marginality’ Revisited and Revised: Distance, Difference and the Selection of Objects of Preservation in an Era of Hyper-Gentrification
Japonica Brown-Saracino

Part III: Gentrification through Heritage-Led Resistance

Chapter 7. The Dynamic Authenticity of Local Mixed Streets: Street Heritage and Activism in Belfast City Centre
Agustina Martire and Anna Skoura

Chapter 8. Gentrification and Public Heritage in Rome: The Potential and Ambiguities of the ‘Right to Buy’ Policy as a Strategy to Stay Put
Sandra Annunziata, edited by Loretta Lees

Chapter 9. Public Art, Docile Bodies and the ‘Post-Conflict’ City
Daniel Jewesbury

Epilogue: Reflections on Heritage, Gentrification, Resistance
Daniel Jewesbury, Feras Hammami and Chiara Valli


Heritage, Gentrification and Resistance in the Neoliberal City

Edited by Feras Hammami, Daniel Jewesbury, and Chiara Valli

232 pages, 36 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-572-9 Hb Published (July 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-573-6 eBook