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Introduction: Theorizing Relations in Indigenous South America
Marcelo González Gálvez, Piergiorgio Di Giminiani, and Giovanna Bacchiddu

Chapter 1. Learning to See in Western Amazonia: How Does Form Reveal Relation?
Els Lagrou

Chapter 2. Looks Like Viscera: Folds, Wraps, and Relations in the Southern Andes
Francisco Pazzarelli

Chapter 3. On People, Sensorial Perception, and Potential Affinity in Southern Chile
Cristóbal Bonelli

Chapter 4. Sorcery, Revenge, and Anti-Revenge: Relational Excess and Individuation in the Gran Chaco
Florencia Tola

Chapter 5. The Name of the Relation: Making a Difference in Aweti Onomastics
Marina Vanzolini

Chapter 6. Ritualizing the Everyday: The Dangerous Imperative of Hospitality in Apiao, Chiloé
Giovanna Bacchiddu

Afterword I: Relations and Relatives
Aparecida Vilaça

Afterword II: Reflecting Back
Marilyn Strathern

Epilogue: The Cemeteries as Metaphors of Who We Are
Claudio Millacura Salas


Theorizing Relations in Indigenous South America

Edited by Marcelo González Gálvez, Piergiorgio Di Giminiani and Giovanna Bacchiddu

Afterwords by Aparecida Vilaça and Marilyn Strathern

184 pages, 4 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-329-9 Hb Published (May 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-331-2 eBook