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Introduction: The Anthropological Study of Schools. Presenting European Anthropology of Education
Laura Gilliam and Christa Markom

Part I: Constructing and Handling Difference and Sameness in the Everyday of School

Chapter 1. Rendering Sameness and Difference Pedagogical. Care for Kindergarten Pupils in a Stigmatized Swiss Suburb
Ursina Jaeger

Chapter 2. Teaching Equality, Teaching Hierarchy: Moral Lessons in the Schools of the Danish Welfare State
Laura Gilliam

Chapter 3. Approaching Difference through Control or Care: Diverging School Ethos in the Norwegian Unified School
Ingrid Smette

Chapter 4. “Silencing” or “Being Silent” from a Child-Centred Perspective: Accomplices to the Invisibility of Differences in an Austrian School
Christa Markom

Part II: Constructing and Handling Difference and Sameness through the Policies, Curriculum and Structures of School

Chapter 5. Schooling and Age Imaginaries: Establishing the Foundations of Sameness and Difference in an English Secondary School
Patrick Alexander

Chapter 6. Education and integration of the Others: Roma Education in the Czech Republic
Markéta Levínská, David Doubek and Dana Bittnerová

Chapter 7. Regionalism and Minority Identities in Putin’s Russia: Ethnographic Perspectives on School Education and Belonging
Dilyara Müller-Suleymanova

Chapter 8. Activating Muslims: Citizenship in Dutch Islamic schools#
Jamal Ahajjaj, Martijn de Koning and Thijl Sunier

Chapter 9. Teaching History and Performing the Nation: The Production of National Citizens in Greek Primary Education
Ioannis Manos

Part III: Special Contributions

Chapter 10. Anthropology and/in Intercultural Education in Italy: The Winding Roads to Diversity and Identity
Francesca Gobbo

Chapter 11. Civil Enculturation in The Netherlands, Britain, Germany, and France: a Look Back and Ahead
Sabine Mannitz and Thijl Sunier

Afterword: Towards an Anthropology of Education in Europe: Insights, Challenges and Potential
Spyrou Spyros

Difference and Sameness in Schools

Perspectives from the European Anthropology of Education

Edited by Laura Gilliam & Christa Markom

366 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80539-476-1 Hb Published (April 2024)

eISBN 978-1-80539-477-8 eBook