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  • Medicalization and Persistence
  • Patient-Centred Medicine
  • Outline of the Book

Chapter 1. Studying ARTs: Theory, Context, the Clinic and Methods    

  • Understanding the Use of ARTs
  • Dutch Context – Families, Children and Childlessness
  • The Radboud Clinic
  • The Study

Chapter 2. ‘Dutch IVF’. Legislation, Guidelines and Health Insurances

  • Legislation and Guidelines
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Conclusion

Chapter 3. The Couples and their Quest for a Child

  • Social and Demographic Characteristics
  • Facing Fertility Problems: Diverse Points of Departure
  • Couples’ Quest for a Child: the Process
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Adoption as a Last Resort
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4. Daily Practices in the Patient-Centred Clinic

  • Interpersonal Aspects of Care
  • Privacy (or Not)
  • Abundant Information
  • Psycho-Social Support and Empathy
  • Decision Making – Multiple  Dynamics
  • Conclusion

Chapter 5. Information and Interpretation. Risks and Rates

  • IVF Success Rates: What Do They Tell Us?
  • Risks: Facts and Perceptions
  • Beyond Facts – Uncertainty and Trust
  • Conclusion

Chapter 6. The Body and Visualizing Technologies

  • Gaining Insight in the Reproductive Body and its Flaws
  • Visualization of Reproduction through IVF
  • Case: Louise’s Diary
  • Trying Once More? Compelling Technology
  • Conclusion

Chapter 7. Gendered Suffering and Support

  • The Gendered and Unequal Burdens of IVF
  • Sharing the Grief of Loss after IVF
  • Essentializing Genetics and Gender Dynamics
  • Conclusion

Chapter 8. Bioethics in Practice

  • Multi-Disciplinary Ethics Meeting
  • Case: Woman Carrier of a Cancer Gene
  • Concerns in Context
  • Addressing Ethically Sensitive Requests
  • Conclusion

Chapter 9. Conclusion

  • Dutch IVF
  • Bioethics in Practice
  • Patient-Centred Practices
  • Gender Inequality and the Imperative of Genetics
  • Final Thoughts: Implications for the Field and Future Research


Appendix I: Methods
Appendix II: Social and Demographic Background Data Of Study  Participants
Appendix III: Patients’ or Couples’ Characteristics or Situations Leading to Concerns among Clinic Staff and their Reasons for Withholding Treatment

Reference list

Patient-Centred IVF

Bioethics and Care in a Dutch Clinic

Trudie Gerrits

372 pages, 3 tables, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-226-5 Hb Published (August 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-227-2 eBook