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Notes on Transliteration


  • From Ploughing the Sea to Navigating the Bush
  • Soninke Migration and the Young Men Who Stay Put
  • ‘Sitting’: Creating and Inhabiting Immobility
  • The Onus of Rural Permanence
  • On Bush-bound Ethnography    
  • Overview of the Book
  • A Brief Note on The Gambia

Chapter 1. Peasants by Other Means:(Im)mobility and the Making of a Village Mooring

  • ‘Sitting’ Sabi, Creating Movement, 1902 – ca.1945
  • The Farmer-trader
  • New Routes and Roots in the Post-war Period
  • Parting Sedentary and Migrant Livelihoods: 1970s – Present
  • Bush Troubles: the Decline of the Rural Economy
  • The Rise of International Labour Migration
  • Barriers to International Migration
  • Diasporization, Transnationality and Urban Homes
  • The Traveller, the ‘Sitter’ and the Urban ‘Sitter’

Chapter 2. Being-on-the-land: The Agri-culture of Migration

  • Of Bushmen and Moneymen
  • Earning Calloused Hands: The Embodiment of Rural Suffering
  • Cultivating an Agrarian Ethos
  • From Bush to Travel-bush
  • The Alienation of the Farmer?

Chapter 3. Looking for Money: Livelihood Trajectories in and out of Mobility

  • The Social Currency of Money
  • Locating the Bounty: Routes and Destinations
  • Two Hustlers
  • Navigating the Political Economy
  • Stranded in Circulation: From Spurious Travel to ‘Sitting’
  • Wind in the Sails: the Economy of Support

Chapter 4. Just Sitting: The Spectre of Bare Immobility

  • Ghetto Youth: (Em)placing Male Sociability
  • Stilled Bodies and Burdened Heads
  • The Nerves Syndrome
  • Waiting: The Stilled Time of Sitting
  • The Virtue of Patience: Temporal Fixes to Spatial Problems

Chapter 5. Hesitant Patriarchs: Becoming a Household Head

  • The Ka
  • Becoming a Kagume: Ascent to Power or Buck Passing?
  • In a Meal Bowl: Ensuring Subsistence in an Extraverted Domestic Economy
  • Around a Meal Bowl: Creating Conviviality and Male Authority
  • Governing Change: Cooperation, Conflict and Translocality in Household Formation

Chapter 6. Civic Leaders? Reviving the Age Groups, Recapturing Permanence

  • The Sappanu
  • Youth, in the Active Voice
  • The Sabi Youth Committee
  • Quiet Ceremonies: Legal Innovation and Socio-moral Reforms

Conclusion: Possibilities

  • If…
  • Placing Immobility in Migration
  • Trailing on


Bush Bound

Young Men and Rural Permanence in Migrant West Africa

Paolo Gaibazzi

232 pages, 16 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-779-4 Hb Published (August 2015)

This title is published as Open Access

Full Text PDF | Full Text ePUB Made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license with support from University of Bayreuth and the Heisenberg Programme of the German Research Council.