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Laura Ferrero, Chiara Quagliariello, Ana Cristina Vargas

Part I: Borders and Inequalities

Chapter 1. Framing Deservingness in Health Care: Media Constructions of Unauthorised Youth in the United States
Anahí Viladrich

Chapter 2. Constructing the Undeserving Citizen: The Embodied Consequences of Immigration Enforcement in the US South
Nolan Kline

Chapter 3. Structural Violence, Tuberculosis and Health-Care Processes: Bolivian Immigrants in Buenos Aires and São Paulo
Alejandro Goldberg, Cássio Silveira, Tatiane Barbosa and Denise Martin

Chapter 4. Women, Migration and Health: An Inquiry into Gender-Based Violence and the Limits of Maternity Care Services in Southern Europe's Borderlands
Chiara Quagliariello

Part II: From the Individual to the Community

Chapter 5. Roma and the Right to Health: A Transnational Approach to Structural Vulnerability
Pietro Cingolani

Chapter 6. Mental Health as Politics: Exploring Mental Health Services among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Hala Kerbage and Filippo Marranconi

Chapter 7. Intercultural Mediation in the Italian Health-Care System
Ana Cristina Vargas

Chapter 8. ‘Community Welfare’: Community-Based Networks as Migrant Health Promoters
Laura Ferrero

Afterword: Forced Migration, State Violence, and the Right to Health
Daniela DeBono


Embodying Borders

A Migrant’s Right to Health, Universal Rights and Local Policies

Edited by Laura Ferrero, Chiara Quagliariello, and Ana Cristina Vargas
Afterword by Daniela DeBono

280 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-925-9 Hb Published (January 2021)

eISBN 978-1-80539-442-6 eBook