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Introduction: War Magic: Religion, Sorcery, and Performance
D. S. Farrer

Chapter 1. Tangki War Magic: Spirit Warfare in Singapore
Margaret Chan

Chapter 2. Javanese Ritual Initiation: Invulnerability, Authority, and Spiritual Improvement
Jean-Marc de Grave

Chapter 3. Discourse of Decline: Sumatran Perspectives on Black Magic
J. David Neidel

Chapter 4. Tamil Tiger Ritual, War, and Mystical Empowerment
Michael Roberts

Chapter 5. Shamanic Battleground in Venezuela
Zeljko Jokic

Chapter 6. Chants of Re-enchantment: Chamorro Spiritual Resistance to Colonial Domination
D. S. Farrer and James D. Sellmann

Chapter 7. War Magic and Just War in Indian Tantric Buddhism
Iain Sinclair


War Magic

Religion, Sorcery, and Performance

Edited by D. S. Farrer

180 pages, 23 illus., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-329-3 Pb Published (September 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-330-9 eBook