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Introduction: Scaling Down in Order to Cool Down
Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Paulo Mendes

Part I: Ways of Knowing

Chapter 1. Environmental Pluralism: Knowing the Namibian Weather in Times of Climate Change
Michael Schnegg

Chapter 2. How a Storm Feels: Storying Climate Change in the Eastern Himalayas
Alex Aisher

Chapter 3. Who is Perturbed by Perturbations? Marine Scientists’ and Polynesian Fishers’ Understandings of a Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Outbreak
Matthew Lauer, Terava Atger, Sally J. Holbrook, Andrew Rassweiler, Russell J. Schmitt, and Jean Wencelius

Chapter 4. Urban Transformations in the Hydric Landscapes of Belém (PA): Environmental Memories and Urban Flood
Pedro Paulo de Miranda Araujo Soares

Part II: Situations and Decisions

Chapter 5. Climate Change and Mitigation in Bangladesh: Vulnerability in Urban Locations
Tasneem Siddiqui, Mohammad Jalal Uddin Sikder and Mohammad Rashed Alam Bhuiyan

Chapter 6. Localizing Climate Change: Confronting Over-simplification of Local Responses
Brian Orland, Meredith Welch-Devine, and Micah Taylor

Chapter 7. 'The Times They Are a-Changin' but 'The Song Remains The Same': Climate Change Narratives from the Coromandel Peninsula, Aotearoa New Zealand
Paul Schneider and Bruce Glavovic

Chapter 8. Climate Change and East Africa's Past: Three Cautionary Tales
A. Peter Castro

Chapter 9. “Our Existence is Literally Melting Away”: Narrative and Fighting Climate Change in a Glacier Ski Resort in Austria
Herta Nobauer

Part III: Politics, Policies, and Contestation

Chapter 10. Where Floods Are Allowed: Climate Adaptation as Defiant Acceptance in the Elbe River Valley
Kristoffer Albris

Chapter 11. Climate Resilience Through Equity and Justice: Holistic Leadership by Tribal Nations and Indigenous Communities in the Southwest United States
Julie Maldonado and Beth Rose Middleton

Chapter 12. The Return of What Has Not Been Gone: A View of Animal Presence in Future Natures
Guilherme José da Silva e Sá

Chapter 13. Emitting Inequity: The Socio-Political Life of Anthropogenic Climate Change in Oaxaca, Mexico
Roberto E. Barrios and Amanda Leppert

Chapter 14. Disaster and Climate Change
Susanna M. Hoffman

Afterword: Toward Eco-Socialism as a Global and Local Strategy to Cool Down the World-System
Hans A. Baer


Cooling Down

Local Responses to Global Climate Change

Edited by Susanna M. Hoffman, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, and Paulo Mendes
Afterword by Hans Baer

402 pages, 16 illus., bibliog.,index

ISBN  978-1-80073-189-9 Hb Published (February 2022)

This title is published as Open Access

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