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Michael J. O’Brien and David Hurst Thomas

Introduction: On the Challenges of Measuring Diversity in Archaeology
Briggs Buchanan and Metin I. Eren

Chapter 1. Dispersion and Diversity: Parfleche Variation on the Great Plains vs. the Columbia Plateau
Stephen J. Lycett

Chapter 2. The Diversity of North America’s “Old Copper” Projectile Points
Michelle R. Bebber and Anne Chao

Chapter 3. Diversity in Hunter-Gatherer Architecture
Brian Andrews, Danielle Macdonald, and Brooke Morgan

Chapter 4. The Potential of Coverage-Based Rarefaction in Zooarchaeology
J. Tyler Faith and Andrew Du

Chapter 5. Diversity and Lithic Microwear: Quantification, Classification, and Standardization
W. James Stemp and Danielle A. Macdonald

Chapter 6. Intensification Mechanisms Driving Dietary Change among the Great Plains Big Game Hunters of North America
Erik Otárola-Castillo, Melissa G. Torquato, and Matthew E. Hill

Appendix 6.1: Summary Information for Archaeological Sites Used in This Study

Chapter 7. Challenges and Prospects of Richness and Diversity Measures in Paleoethnobotany
Alan Farahani and R. J. Sinensky

Appendix 7.1: Abundance of Reproductive Plant Parts Recovered from the Las Capas Site, Southeastern Arizona, 1220–730 BCE 205

Chapter 8. Quantifying Evenness of Paleoindian Projectile Point Forms within Geographic Regions of Eastern North America
Matthew T. Boulanger, Ryan P. Breslawski, and Ian A. Jorgeson

Chapter 9. Thinking about Diversity in Material Culture at Multiple Scales
Steven L. Kuhn

Chapter 10. Measuring and Comparing Class Diversity in Archaeological Assemblages: A Brief Guide to the History and State-of-the-Art in Diversity Statistics
Robert K. Colwell and Anne Chao

Epilogue: Diversity Metrics are Convenient, but Their Archaeological Meanings Are Still Obscure
R. Lee Lyman


Defining and Measuring Diversity in Archaeology

Another Step Toward an Evolutionary Synthesis of Culture

Edited by Metin I. Eren and Briggs Buchanan

358 pages, 68 illus., color, index

ISBN  978-1-80073-429-6 Hb Published (August 2022)

eISBN 978-1-80073-430-2 eBook